I'm Beth or Tink (depending on what you fancy!), a 22 year old blogger who happens to be plus sized. I'm based on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border which means I get the best of both worlds!

I've just gone back to college to achieve my dream of becoming a teacher! I currently work within education and it has yet to put me off, but it still could do.

I love fashion, though i've not always made the best choices but where would we be without the odd faux pas? I'm slowly getting more and more into beauty and skin care, it's something i've never been too bothered about but I know it is important.

My blog is primarily, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It does also feature reviews of new clothing and products which i've bought but you can expect to see a bit of everything. If I make a good looking cake then i'll share it just as i'll share a good film i've seen, or restaurant i've visited. I'm always honest in my reviews. I'll tell you whether I love or hate something, even if it is against popular opinion.

If you were wondering where the blog name came from, one of my close friends calls me Tinkerbell or Tink and it's something which people associate me with.

I'm happy for PRs to contact me regarding reviews, but please do be aware that I will always state when i've been given something to review, and I will be completely honest in my review. Visit my contact page to see how you can get in touch with me.