Plan With Me | Ellen Bee Makes

I'm back with another plan with me, this time the basic kit is from Ellen Bee Makes.

The kit is a bargain £2.50 for a 3 sheet kit that includes 8 full boxes, 2 strips of bottom washi, 24 headers, 4 half boxes and a weekend banner. I really like that it's just the basics you need for a layout and then you can add in everything else that you need to build up your weekly spread.

As usual I set about by putting in my basic layout, To Do at the top with a checklist, Today and a decorative full box, and Little Things, along with the bottom washi and weekend banner. I did have a couple of issues with the headers as they are taller and wider than the boxes in the planner, the height is easily worked with but the width does mean that there's overhang on the right hand side of both pages. It's a little annoyance as the washi and full boxes fit the width of the planner.

Due to today being a bank holiday I decided that I didn't need a to do checklist as to be honest I'm not going to get much done, I also only had 4 pink checklists left so today was the best day to go checklist free out of the whole week.

I then work through and add my decorative and functional stickers so that I can plan out the week. I don't like to put too much in when I do my weekly plan as things do change. I prefer to fill it out as I go along, I add in the things that I know aren't going to change, such as appointments or bin day.

I have very little left from my £2.50 basic kit, I have one full box, one half box and the 3 extra headers.

Not only did I use my kit from Ellen Bee Makes, I also used stickers from It's Only Me Caralee (Code BETH10 will get you 10% off), Callie Rose Co, Dook Plook Designs, Pemberley Prints and EllieBeth Designs UK.