August Giveaway | Lifestyle

I'm back with another giveaway for for this month, it's a UK only giveaway due to the size of the parcel and the cost of postage. This month you can win some super cute Echo Park goodies for scrapbooking with. I fell in love with the cute mermaid design and instantly knew it was what I wanted for my August giveaway, I have the stickers and ephemera myself and can tell you they are super gorgeous and such good quality too, especially the stickers.

Take a look at my video on YouTube where you can get a closer look at what's included, and don't forget to enter by rafflecopter below.

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July Giveaway | Lifestyle

Today I'm here with a giveaway that will run for the whole of July. I am offering up a bundle of planner/journalling goodies that could be the ideal starter kit for someone who is wanting to try it out. I've also designed it to be a kit that can easily be slipped into a bag to be used out and about.

Take a look at my video on YouTube where I show you the goodies that are included and don't forget to enter by rafflecopter below.

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Plan With Me | Ellen Bee Makes

I'm back with another plan with me, this time the basic kit is from Ellen Bee Makes.

The kit is a bargain £2.50 for a 3 sheet kit that includes 8 full boxes, 2 strips of bottom washi, 24 headers, 4 half boxes and a weekend banner. I really like that it's just the basics you need for a layout and then you can add in everything else that you need to build up your weekly spread.

As usual I set about by putting in my basic layout, To Do at the top with a checklist, Today and a decorative full box, and Little Things, along with the bottom washi and weekend banner. I did have a couple of issues with the headers as they are taller and wider than the boxes in the planner, the height is easily worked with but the width does mean that there's overhang on the right hand side of both pages. It's a little annoyance as the washi and full boxes fit the width of the planner.

Due to today being a bank holiday I decided that I didn't need a to do checklist as to be honest I'm not going to get much done, I also only had 4 pink checklists left so today was the best day to go checklist free out of the whole week.

I then work through and add my decorative and functional stickers so that I can plan out the week. I don't like to put too much in when I do my weekly plan as things do change. I prefer to fill it out as I go along, I add in the things that I know aren't going to change, such as appointments or bin day.

I have very little left from my £2.50 basic kit, I have one full box, one half box and the 3 extra headers.

Not only did I use my kit from Ellen Bee Makes, I also used stickers from It's Only Me Caralee (Code BETH10 will get you 10% off), Callie Rose Co, Dook Plook Designs, Pemberley Prints and EllieBeth Designs UK.

Plan with Me | It's Only Me Caralee

I have fallen completely in love with planning and so I thought I would share with you a Plan with Me, so that you can take a look at my planner and see how I like to plan out my week. I like to take some time out on a Saturday or Sunday to plan the following week, this lets me know what's going to be happening, especially now that there's two of us in one house.

This week I am using the unicorn kit from It's Only Me Caralee a UK Etsy store selling stickers for both the Happy Planner and the Erin Condren Life Planner. 

I like to structure my planner so that it's my daily to do, a decorative full box and then little things. I like to have the same format each week, but mixing it up with different stickers, just so that when I'm giving it a quick glance over I know where to look. 

I use the little things section for detailing things like my evening meals and also keeping track of my water intake. My Beardy one is often off to Anfield to watch Liverpool play so I put that in my little things section so that I know I'm not feeding him. I use my sidebar to log that I've taken my medication each day, simply because I have the worst memory. I also use it to do a menu for the week, just to let us know what we will be eating, but we can mix things up a little to suit what we fancy, which is why I then record what we've had on each day of the week in the little things section.

In this weeks spread I haven't just used the weekly kit from It's Only Me Caralee, I've also used a craft sticker and a habit tracker. Stickers have also been used from some other UK Etsy stores too, this spread features Small Stuff Creations (decorative unicorns), Pemberley Prints (meal planner, bath bomb and R2 D2 stickers), Callie Rose Co (sidebar meal planner), EllieBeth Designs UK (hydrate stickers), Dook Plook Designs (shopping and fuel stickers), The Geeky Planner (planner sticker) and The Plump Planner (date night sticker).

Leeds Planner Meet Up | Lifestyle

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you'll be well aware of my new found love for planning and crafts. I have been well and truly bitten by the bug of creativity.

Today I headed over to Leeds to meet up with some fellow planner addicts, our meet up was held in Patisserie Valerie a place with a lovely gluten free marble cake which I can recommend to you. 

It was so nice to spend time with other people who understand the world of planning and why it's just so wonderful, we passed planners around and I enjoyed seeing how other people use their planners and everyone's individual style. Many people had an Erin Condren planner but they are all so individual to reflect different personalities and I can only hope that my planner reflects me.

Some of the lovely people attending the meet have Etsy sticker stores and very kindly brought sticker samples with them. The wonderful Toni made vinyl stickers which say #PlannerGirl, Suzy Stick It sent washi tape samples and Katie very kindly brought us all Kikki K kitty flags.

I also thought I'd share with you the upcoming week in my Happy Planner before I wrote in it, and you may just see why I've fallen in love with this style of planning.

Would you like to see more planning and crafts here at BethTinkerbell?

Valentines Self Love | Lifestyle

Happy Valentines Day!!

One thing I've always enjoyed about Valentines Day is that it's a celebration of love and for me that's not just the romantic type of love. This year just like every other year is about loving myself, doing the things I want to do for me.

At the beginning of the year I very much promised myself that it would be about making me happy, wearing the things I want to wear, doing the things I want to do. It hasn't been like that at all, instead I've been struggling. Taking care of myself hasn't been a priority, it takes too much energy to present myself for a day at work. 

I'm in a slightly better place now and so today is about loving me, having a super long soak in the bath while reading my book, decorating the upcoming week in my planner, and watching movies with a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

The piece of artwork in the photo is by the lovely Melly-Em Clark. I very much believe that self love keeps you warm, for me it helps to keep me recharged and gives me time to focus on myself. It's not always on my list of priorities and often gets pushed to one side but I feel so much better when I look after myself.

How are you spending your Valentines Day?

Breakfast at Bill's | Lifestyle

A few weeks ago myself and Beardy took a trip to the Trafford Centre and decided to treat ourselves to breakfast out. Upon the discovery of a Bills Restaurant I insisted that we  pay a visit. I've heard plenty of good things so needed to try it myself.

I ordered the gluten free scrambled egg on toast and can quite honestly say it was a wonderful breakfast. The gluten free bread was the good stuff, very much like the gluten free bread in Marks and Spencers. I wish I'd asked what bread they use 'cause I could happily eat it every day.

Beardy had the full English breakfast with black pudding and he enjoyed it, though he wouldn't have said no to more food on his plate!

If you're ever out for breakfast and near a Bill's restaurant then I recommend paying a visit.

Do you have any recommendations for breakfast places?