In Photos: Lounge Tour

As you'll be aware, I bought my own little house in Spring, and I'm finally at a point where I'm ready to share some of it with you. I haven't got everything as I would like it, but that takes time and money, neither of which I have much of at the moment.

I absolutely love the wall of prints that I'm creating, a way to inject the things I love into my home but that are easily changeable with any passing fancies, or as I fall in love with yet another hanging sign!

I find so much joy in my reading nook, curling up in my chair on an evening or on a Sunday afternoon losing hours in a book.I have so much choice of what to read with my little library too, though at the rate I'm buying new books I'll be needing to move house again soon just for storage space!

The rest of my lounge is currently quite simple, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect mirror above the fireplace. I've yet to decide on what I'd like to hang above my sofa, I keep thinking of a photo collage so that my friends and family are always around me.

I have noticed since moving out that some things mean a lot more to me now than they ever did when I lived with my folks. There are a lot of things that I'm no longer as attached to too.

I know that if I was ever to be burgled I'd be a bit gutted if they took my TV, laptop, camera etc, however they are all easily replaceable and I'm no longer as attached to them as I used to be. I always try to remember to back up photos on dropbox so that I can always access them so as much as I'd be annoyed I could still access those memories.

The things that mean the most to me now are my baby photo albums and baby record books, if I had a fire I would be heart broken at the loss of those, they could never be replaced. They're all stored in my little library, and I often pull them out to flick through 'cause I find so much joy in them. I am planning on scanning in all my baby photos and backing them up, so that I will always have a copy in case anything does happen to the originals. Looking back at those photos now means so much to me and they are what I cherish.

Legal & General have written a blog post about how much do we value our possessions which I found really interesting to read. After reading it over, I'm pretty sure that I undervalued my possessions when getting out my home insurance policy, but I'll know for next year to think about it more.

I'm sure that anyone who doesn't live in their parents home has the common sense to have home insurance, obviously it would never replace any item with sentimental value but if anything happened to my home there would be some financial assistance to help me create a home again.

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