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Just the other day I had my annual trip to Blackpool, I don't know about you but a trip to Blackpool and the illuminations is a highlight of my Autumn.  

I love a walk along the promenade, playing on the two pence machines in the arcade. It's what makes my annual trip to Blackpool so special, along with the food! 

One of the best things about Blackpool has to be getting fish and chips or in my case chips, you can't ever go to a seaside town and not stop at the local chippy. So when I was asked to create a classic Lancashire recipe I just had to get involved, Travelodge have put together a blog with some classic Lancashire foods.  

The other week I decided to try my hand at making fish and chips at home, creating a gluten free recipe so that I can enjoy one of my favourite treats again. I decided to use a basic recipe from BBC Good Food, it's often one of the first places I look for a recipe.


Gluten Free Plain Flour
Sparkling Water
Thwaites Wainwrights Ale
Sunflower Oil
Salt and Pepper

You can use just sparkling water and not include the ale to go for a completely gluten free recipe, however I can get away with small amounts of gluten so had to include the ale, especially as it's from a Lancashire brewery.

I must admit it took a lot longer than I expected but I think that's due to the fact my oven is a bit naff so the chips took forever to cook! It is a simple recipe to follow and you can't go far wrong with it at all.

I was really impressed with what I managed to create, there a couple of things I would change. I would use a different pan for frying the fish, as I chose quite a wide pan which then meant the oil was quite shallow meaning my fish did sink to the bottom quite easily. I would also have cooked it a little longer just because the batter wasn't quite as crispy as I would have liked.

What would be one of your favourite treat recipes to recreate at home?
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