25 Before 25

In just under 18 months time I'll turn 25, and I've decided to set myself a few goals to achieve before then. I don't want to get to a semi significant birthday wondering what I've done so far with my life.


1. Go on holiday abroad
2. Visit Harry Potter studio tour
3. Visit Benningbrough Hall
4. Visit the Isle of Lewis
5. Go on a city break to somewhere new in the UK


6. Create a gluten free cooking series
7. Reach 200 Bloglovin' followers
8. Post an OOTD post once a week for 3 months
9. Instagram daily OOTD photos, even repeat outfits for a month
10. Bring back the new blog series I started at the beginning of 2015 and keep them running for 12 months


11. Rejuvenate my kitchen.
12. Adopt a cat.
13. Do my patio and plant the bedding boxes
14. Create a photo collage to display in my lounge
15. Create a space where people feel comfortable and relaxed


16. Complete a Project Life scrapbook
17. Read The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
18. Watch and read Schindler's List
19. Practice yoga everyday for a month
20. Use a diary/planner to organise all areas of my life
21. Start a degree
22. Create a capsule wardrobe
23. Clear out and reorganise my makeup collection
24. Take more photos to be able to fully enjoy the memories of things I do but without seeing everything through a screen or lens
25. Make the most of every opportunity

Some of these are things I can easily achieve and cross off along the way while others are ones I can't cross off until I reach my 25th Birthday and reflect on how I've spent my time.

What would you like to achieve before your next 'milestone' birthay?