IKEA Wishlist | Home

I am going to be spending Easter Monday at my local IKEA, it won’t be too long before I’m set up in my own home and can come back to regular blogging once I’m all settled in. I thought today I’d share with you some of the pieces that have caught my eye online, most of them unnecessary! Knowing me I won’t come back with any of these as plenty of things will catch my eye in store.

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1. Stockholm Mirror – I think this could look really cute in my bathroom above the sink.

2. Lovbacken Side Table – My lounge isn’t that big, and I want to fit a dining table in so there’s no space for a coffee table. I’ve decided to get a side table as i’ll want somewhere to pop drinks but it’s still quite small compared to a coffee table.

3. Tysnes Table Mirror – My idea is for this to sit on my dressing table, I do have a mirror which I could take with me but it’s on its last legs and so I’d rather get a new one.

4. Sangen Table Lamp – I haven’t yet decided whether I would put this in my lounge or bedroom, but I love lamps and prefer to have them on in an evening rather than the main light. I just think they create a softer glow which is cosier.

5. Klabb Floor Light – This is one for the bedroom, I plan on creating a little space for reading in front of the window so I can see the lovely view I have.

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6. Luttrad Candles – The plan is to put these on my bathroom window sill to light when I have a bath. I also think once I’ve burnt the candles they’ll look really cute for storing jewellery while I have a wash or even to put tealights in.

7. Nipprig 2015 Basket – I love the black and gold basket, my plan would be to pop one in the bathroom so that when people stay they can just chuck their towels in, rather than using it as a regular washing basket.

8. Hallare Tealight Holder – One thing I’m really looking forward to about moving out, is being able to have pamper nights with a relaxing bath. This tealight holder will be perfect for popping tealights in and then putting them along the end of the bath, plus it’s only £5 I can’t possibly leave it in IKEA.

9. Lillaryd Frame – I’ve chosen this frame to go in my bedroom, I’m planning to find a cute postcard to pop in it. The frame will just help to tie in the colours I’ll be having in my bedroom.

10. Ribba Frame – My sister gave me some photos of Nemo (my niece), and I want to proudly display them in my lounge, as she’s just so adorable! I’ve been looking for a photo frame to display them in and this is the first one I’ve found that I like for my new home.

Looking at everything I’ve chosen from Ikea you wouldn’t think my theme was country chic, but I do love Scandinavian style and want to try and fit a few pieces in here and there throughout.

Would you like to see what I do pick up tomorrow, along with some of the other pieces I’ve bought for my new home?

Beth x