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I told you that you would see a wish list pretty soon. I’m going to share with you some of the things I would like to have in my kitchen when I move.


1. Morphy Richards Stand Mixer – I love baking, and as much as I love the Kitchenaid mixers I couldn’t ever justify spending over £300 on one. Luckily this Morphy Richards one is about £65 on Amazon and much more affordable for me. Unless there is miraculously some spare money then I won’t be able to buy one for myself straight away, but I’ll definitely save for one. Just imagine all of the baking I could get done on a weekend.

2. Ginger Ray Chalkboard Labels – I am planning on storing flour, sugar, pasta etc in glass jars, so these labels will be ideal. I can easily write on what’s in a jar and when it changes I just have to wipe it clean and write it on again. I also think they’ll look super cute sat on the worktop.

3. Morphy Richards Kettle – You might be noticing a small theme here, okay I just really like the Morphy Richards range at the moment. I have always loved this style of kettle and I would absolutely love one that goes on the hob and whistles but they’re not ideal as they take a long time to boil.

4. Kilner Drinking Jars – I am totally buying into the trend of having cocktails served in Kilner jars, they just look so good on photos and I want to be able to replicate that.

5. Morphy Richards Knife Block – I am going to be needing some knives and I just have a thing for a knife block being sat on the worktop so that your knives are easy to get hold of while you’re cooking.



6. White Casserole Dish – I think this is pretty self explanatory, I want it to make casseroles in and it’s just nice and simple.

7. Aqua Roaster – I love the colour of this, and the wavy design around the edge just makes it cuter.

8. Heart Nibble Bowls – I am hoping to be able to invite my friends round quite a bit when I have my own place, and so obviously I will need to serve nibbles hence why I need the cute bowls to put nibbles in.

9. Aqua Pie Dish – I have to be honest, I’ll probably never make a pie in this dish simply because it’d take me most of the week to eat one. However I would still use it for other things and it matches the roaster.

10. White Ramekins – I like the ramekins as I want to be able to make individual deserts, plus I’d use them for breakfast as well which makes them pretty much essential to have, right?



11. Aqua Stackable Wine Glasses – Lets be honest, I don’t need stackable wine glasses, but I do need wine glasses and these are a bit different.

12. Floral Mugs – I do think these mugs look cute, however I’m not 100% sure on them but that’s cause I’m a little unsure as to what colour the background is. The screen on my laptop is a bit jiggered colour wise.

13. Wine Glasses – I think these wine glasses are pretty and elegant, ideal to put on the dinner table when having a dinner party. I love the little splash of colour too.

14. Oxford Cutlery Set – I am really funny with cutlery, I only like certain styles due to the way they sit in the hand. These look very similar to the set we have in the family home, so I think they’ll be pretty comfortable to use.

15. Aqua Margarita Glasses – I definitely don’t need margarita glasses but like with the Kilner jars, these are ideal for serving cocktails in, even if I don’t make a margarita.

I also love these Riviera mugs and the Riviera dinner set, I think I might just have to pick these up.

As you can see there’s a lot of cream, and this is because I want to keep my kitchen looking as big as possible and light colours help to open up the space. However for dining I think I want to add a little blue just for a spot of colour and obviously most of it will be hidden away in cupboards unless in use.

Beth x

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You may have seen on my social media last week that I’m going to be absent from here for a little while, and that’s just because I have so much going on at the moment.

You may not know but I’m currently looking at buying my own house, and I’m now working full time permanently so between those plus the course I’m doing I just don’t have much free time to sit down and write in. I will be posting on Fem-tellectual where I have 2 slots a month, my first for this month will be up on Wednesday so go check that out.

I may sporadically post things on here over the next couple of months, as and when inspiration strikes but unfortunately there won’t be any sort of schedule. I had hoped this would be my best blogging year yet, but life gets in the way and changes things up sometimes. However, comes summer and I’ve finished my course I will get back into the swing of things and you can hopefully expect regular posts, depending where I am with moving house. I am also hoping that once I’ve moved in and got settled I may be able to kick start my YouTube channel again as I will obviously have my own space and be able to film anywhere and at any time without interruptions.

Let me know if you would like to see posts on my new home, once I have one. I may do some home hauls, wish lists (you’ll see those sooner than you think), I may also show the decor of my new place, if you want to see it. Maybe I’ll do individual room tours in photos, or I might just film them for you. You can also expect to see more recipe posts as I will be cooking fresh food every evening, especially if I get the property I currently have my eye on.

I’m hoping it will be a bit of absence makes the heart grow fonder rather than out of sight out of mind.

I know that this post just has a lot of ideas chucked into the mix, but until I get moved I don’t quite know what will and won’t be possible to fit in.

Beth x