What I got for my Birthday 2014


Today it’s time for me to share with you a few of the gifts I got for my birthday. If you didn’t yet know, my birthday is Christmas day.


The Sunrise by Victoria Hislop – Victoria Hislop is one of my favourite authors so when I knew she had released a new book I may have dropped some very big hints for it! My copy is also signed by Victoria, which matches 2 of her other books that I have the only book I don’t have signed by her is The Island.

Pandora Charm – My mum bought me a charm from Pandora, I won’t show it to you as unfortunately the sales lady sold my mum the wrong charm. My mum has said that she told the sales lady it looked nothing like the one I’d seen online. I wanted the Silent Night charm but my mum was sold the Holy Family charm. By the time you read this I will have been and changed it for the charm I wanted. I had planned on buying the charm after Christmas so I was mega surprised to see a Pandora bag. I just feel a little frustrated that the sales lady insisted to my mum that the charm she sold her was the only nativity one they do.

Taylor Swift 1989 – My sister surprised me with this, she wrapped it in a square box so I hadn’t a clue what she’d bought me!

Tinkerbell Movie – If you saw my blog post about what I got for Christmas then you may be able to guess that this dvd also came from Tigger!

Collins Fabric Floral Day to Page 2015 Diary – Every year I get a diary off my little brother, hopefully this year will be the one where I use my diary throughout the whole year and it doesn’t get forgotten about after January.

Paperchase Compact Mirror – I think this may be from the Dark Romance collection as the floral pattern is similar to that on the stationary. I got this from some of my best friends, and it is just so perfect. I feel as though I need a little pouch for it before I pop it into my handbag, I don’t want it to get scratched!

I was well and truly spoilt for my birthday!

Beth x

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