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Many people will have set a new years resolution with an aim of losing weight or getting fit. I have done it numerous times in the past, believing that it’s something I need to do to achieve love and happiness. It’s a load of codswallop you can find love and be happy just as you are, however I do still have small health and fitness goals for 2015, which are a continuation of goals I set myself part way through 2014. I thought I’d share with you some of the Health and Fitness blogs I have found and enjoyed reading.

I don’t follow loads of Health and Fitness blogs, but obviously I couldn’t include them all so these are just a few stands out of mine, and you never know I might do another Blog Loving with Health and Fitness blogs.

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Chrissy Lilly

Chrissy has started the year off with a move from Blogger to Wordpress. She has added a daily running diary which is where the majority of her health and fitness posts will reside, and the rest of her blog is lifestyle. I’m really looking forward to seeing the changes Chrissy is going to make to her blog for 2015.

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Green & Aquamarine

I’ve only recently discovered Eleanor’s blog as it was recommended through Bloglovin’ when I followed another blog. I managed to get myself lost reading her back catalogue of blog posts, she’s only been blogging for about a year and has created such a wonderful blog.


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Jayne Becca

I really enjoy Jayne’s blog for yoga, she’s a yoga instructor so it makes sense to go to a professional. She has also started doing yoga YouTube videos this year, I am looking forward to seeing them every Friday. Earlier this month Jayne wrote a pot breaking down downward dog which I found really interesting as it’s a yoga pose I struggle with, being a beginner and following YouTube tutorials it’s difficult to get the poses right. I hope Jayne continues with breakdowns of poses throughout the year as a guide for beginner yogis.

Do you have any health and fitness blog recommendations?

Beth x