Why Christmas Day Birthdays Are The Worst


Last year Buzzfeed did this post on why Christmas Day birthdays are the worst, so this year I thought I would draw up my own list.

Getting a Christmas Tree birthday cake, this genuinely did happen to me one year. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas but for 15 minutes of the day I would like for nothing Christmas related to go on. I don’t want to look up to see my birthday cake is in the shape of a Christmas Tree!!

Receiving joint Christmas and Birthday gifts. I’m sorry but do you want me to just give you one present? I will happily do so and save myself some money in the process. I buy you individual Christmas and birthday gifts, it’s not too much to ask for the same, is it?

Birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper. I get it you’ve only bought Christmas paper, but surely there is a shop which is still selling birthday paper, or at least one selling plain gold or silver paper so that it at least isn’t covered in snowmen or reindeer.

No one is ever free to celebrate, everyone’s doing things with their family so it’s a nightmare to pin everyone down, and it ends up just becoming a Christmas get together if you do manage to get something sorted.

Birthday celebrations are just a complete no go, for everyone else’s birthday in the house we go out for a meal, but it gets forgotten about for mine. I don’t get to choose where to go for my birthday dinner, it’s dinner at home and even then I don’t get to choose what we have, ‘cause a Christmas dinner is the only option. I shouldn’t complain ‘cause I do love a roast dinner, but it gets boring having the same meal on your birthday every year.

My birthday always seems like an inconvenience, and I have to remind my mum that it’s time for my birthday. I get 15 minutes a year, and I insist on having it at 5.15pm, I don’t care if coffee and mince pies are being served, it’s my birthday and I’m bloody having it!! No one pays any attention as I open my presents and cards, they’re too busy chatting and eating.

You only get presents on one day of the year, and it’s just not possible to get excited for your birthday as all anyone else wants to talk about is Christmas! I don’t know what it feels like to have a birthday as I get Christmas day, and then15 minutes to blow out candles and open presents, I can’t make my birthday drag out for a full day and use it as an excuse to get out of doing things.

Getting told Merry Birthday, no it’s not a merry bloody birthday!!

I also have to share my birthday with my half brother, at least as he gets older there will be someone who understands the pains of a Christmas day birthday.

If you want Christmas cheer head over to Twitter where I’ll probably be getting into the festivities! Also a little reminder that this post is meant in jest, and is not to be taken seriously.

Beth x