Pointless Board Game

Each year we get a family gift from Santa, which is usually a trivia game of some sort. One year we got Family Fortunes, another year we got some trivia quiz cards, and this year we got the Pointless Board game.


We have my stepdad’s family round over Christmas, and in the evening it can get a little boring once you’ve exhausted all conversation. Out comes the new trivia game from Santa for us all to play, and we can get quite competitive!

I really enjoy watching Pointless on TV and I never get pointless answers, but I thought this Christmas it could be great fun, and I imagine my stepdad’s parents may get a pointless answer or two this evening when we play with them.

Last night we played it for about 5 minutes, ‘cause we were so busy and so we didn’t set up the board. Instead we just used the round one questions and asked them to each other, which we found fun. The reason we didn’t set it up is ‘cause we found the instructions to be a bit complicated, however we will read them properly before we play tonight, I think we were probably a bit impatient.

In the box you get the board for the game, counters, and 4 sets of questions, 1 for each round in the game. You also get a score pad and pencils, but if you’re anything like us they’ll just remain in the box forever.

The Pointless Board Game is available on Amazon which is where I bought it from.

Beth x

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