Monogram Gift Tags | Christmas D.I.Y


I spend ages each year thinking about how I can possibly make my presents special, and so this year I am creating my own gift tags to go with simple wrappings.


You will need a pencil, ruler, scissors or craft knife if you have one, designer paper, a hole punch, and some ribbon.


Step 1. Choose the piece of paper you want to use, and mark out a design of a letter on the back. I did an A as I was wrapping my niece’s Christmas present. It’s completely up to you what size you make it but I wanted to use as much of the paper as I could.


Step 2. Cut it out! A craft knife comes in handy when cutting shapes out in the middle of your letters, but i just stabbed my scissors through the middle and then cut it out.


Step 3. Punch out a hole to thread your ribbon through. I have a deer punch for mine, but you can use a regular hole punch.


Step 4. Thread your ribbon through. I originally just threaded the ribbon through as you can see on the picture above, but I then changed my mind and looped it through so that I didn’t need to tie a knot in the ribbon.


Step 5. Write it and then attach to your present. I just stuck it on with sellotape, simples!

I am wrapping my presents in brown paper this year, decorating them with washi tape, and a Christmas tree decoration.

How are you wrapping your Christmas presents this year?

Beth x