Loom Band Christmas Tree!

There's a good chance that if you have children today is the day they break up from school for the Christmas holidays. Well I've found a craft that any loom band loving children will enjoy trying out, making a Christmas tree out of loom bands.

I was recently sent some loom bands from Paddy Power Bingo (http://bingo.paddypower.com/) to have a play with, and I instantly knew I needed to make something with a Christmas theme, and what better than a Christmas tree.

I'll admit that before these came through my door, I'd never seen what loom bands look like when not made into a bracelet. I went into this not quite knowing what I was getting myself into, I just hped that my skills with scoobies when I was at school would come in useful. They didn't if you were wondering.

I headed to Google and found this tutorial video from Made By Mommy. All you need is a loom band loom, and 3 different colours of loom bands. I had pink, green, and white.

The video is a step by step tutorial which is super easy to follow, I never would have managed to make a Christmas tree without it. Even when following it, my first attempt when a bit wrong.

As you might be able to see in the picture above there are quite a few loose loom bands, and you can't really tell that it's supposed to be a Christmas tree!

If you take a look at my second attempt, you can easily see that it looks like a Christmas tree. It takes about 15 minutes to make following the step by step tutorial. I imagine once children have followed the tutorial a couple of times they'll soon be making loads of Christmas trees.

They have a little loop at the top so they could be made into keyrings to give as gifts, or could be hung on the Christmas tree as a decoration.

Have you had a play with loom bands?

Beth x