Candy Cane Mouse | D.I.Y

I thought it’s almost Christmas so why not share with you a quick and easy Christmas craft that can easily be done today or tomorrow. I think they’d look really cute on the table as a little gift for everyone when they sit down.


The first thing you need to do, is print off this Martha Stewart template, if you want a bigger mouse than the one I’ve done you can enlarge the template on a photocopier. You could also use small candy canes if you want to keep the mouse the same size but don’t want a really long tail.


You will need:
The template
Felt (in at least 2 colours)
PVA glue/needle and thread
Candy Canes
Marker pens (Sharpies)


1. Once you’ve printed your template you need to cut it out.
2. You then need to pin the body and ears to a piece of felt and cut them out.
3. Pin the inner ears to a different colour of felt and cut out.


4. Glue the inner ears to the ears piece, if you’re using needle and thread stitch the inner ears to the ears piece.
5. In the body cut slits for the ears and tail.
6. Slot the ears into place.


7. Using a marker pen mark on eyes and a nose.
8. Slot in the candy cane tail.


I only used bits I had in the house hence sewing the ears rather than gluing them on, however I like the effect it has. I made it in about 20 minutes, but if I was gluing you could easily half the time. I spent ages trying to find a needle and then threading it.

Have you done any crafting this Christmas?

Beth x