I got home from work yesterday to find the my Access All ASOS secret Santa had arrived. You may have seen the hashtag #AAASECRETSANTA floating about on twitter, and the premise is ASOS asked all of their insiders if they would like to take part in a secret Santa. ASOS would provide us with a £15 voucher code to be spent on a present for our partner.  

I got so excited opening my present, I received the most gorgeous hat! I have a slight obsession with floppy hats, so I’m super happy to have another one to add to my collection. It’s the Felt Floppy Hat with Rope Band Detail, and I also received a pair of pink pom pom socks, which unfortunately I can’t find on ASOS to link up for you. They’re pretty perfect as I’m always in dire need of new socks, both go to the wash basket, and some how I only ever get a single sock to go back in my drawer!

I have to be honest the chocolate has already gone, it never lasts two minutes in my house!

I absolutely love the gifts I received from my secret Santa who is @RachDotDeer on twitter.  

I hope that my secret Santa loves their gift as much as I love the one I’ve received. I found it so hard trying to choose something that my secret Santa would like. I checked out their blog, and there wasn’t much in the way of clues, nor did their twitter give me many hints as to what they may like. I think I chose well from what I could find about my recipient, so I have my fingers crossed that they love it. 

Have you taken part in a secret Santa?

Beth x