The Library of Fragrance | Review


The Library of Fragrance - Orange Blossom

Today, I’m bringing you a review of a fragrance from The Library of Fragrance. At the end of October I was sent the Orange Blossom fragrance*, and I have been wearing it everyday since.

I really like that The Library of Fragrance do single scents which you can layer up to create your own signature scent. Most days I wear Orange Blossom on its own, and I have received compliments on it at work. Describing this fragrance is really easy as it is only one scent and does smell like Orange Blossom, it isn’t too strong and I very quickly forget that i’m wearing it. However I learnt that your nose stops registering scents once it gets used to them and it then focuses on registering other scents, so you may not be able to smell your fragrance but other people will pick up on the fact you are wearing it.

Orange Blossom - The Library of Fragrance

I took a trip into my local Boots to see what it would smell like with other fragrances in the range. I paired it with musk, and vanilla ice cream, I have also paired it with fresh ginger on the recommendation of Clare from The Library of Fragrance, which I really enjoyed. I’m definitely planning on picking up Fresh Ginger so that I can wear the combination on a regular basis.

On the Library of Fragrance website they have some information on how to Mix & Match the scents, and the best way to think about layering them.

You can buy The Library of Fragrance at Boots, where they’re on offer for 2 for £25 so you can buy one as a gift and pick one up for yourself, it’d be rude not to, right? There is also a bigger range of fragrances available direct on The Library of Fragrance website

Beth x