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Today I thought I would share with you another app I use when I’m out running. I use RunKeeper to track my runs, it shows you how far you’ve run, how long it took you, and also tells you what your fastest km was.


RunKeeper uses GPS to track where you have been on your run, and shows you the route on a little map marking where each km you hit was. I find it really useful to take a look back at my routes and seeing which ones I ran the furthest and the quickest.

I’ll be honest I have recently got out of the habit of using it as I’m doing the same run each time, however using the app allows you to see improvements that you won’t generally notice yourself. For example I don’t time how long i’m out for, or how far I’ve run but if I use the app I can see how long I ran for and how far, which means as I do the same run I can see if I’m completing it in a shorter amount of time. Definitely just convinced myself to switch it on next time I go out for a run.

Another thing I really like about RunKeeper is that it tracks your elevation, so if you’re running up hill you can see how high you got. I just find it really interesting to see even though it’s not something I track but I imagine if you’re running on the fells then it would be really useful.

Run Keeper

RunKeeper is free to download and you don’t have to use it for running you could also use it for walking. The app also tracks how many calories you’ve burnt, which could be useful to some people. As you can see on the picture above I burnt 140 calories when I went out.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that every five minutes it announces the amount of time you’ve been out for and how far you’ve done. I find it to be a distraction, especially as I’m listening to music at the same time. I am also thinking of trying out the Nike+ Running app, so I’ll get back to you with how I think that one fares in comparison.

Do you use any apps to record your distance when out running or walking?

Beth x