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You may have seen last week that I was part of the blog tour for the launch of Are You on the List? How to Become a Modern Socialite, if you missed it you can read it here. 

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Are You On The List? Is written by Kitty Brucknell, Lewis-Duncan Weedon, and Olivia Cox. All three share their tips and advice, you’ll find the book jam packed with fashion advice, makeup and hair tips, along with advice on how to act in different social situations.

Now you might remember Kitty from her X Factor days, but in this book she writes about buying vintage fashion, vintage fashion is still really popular at the moment, so knowing where to look is key. Kitty also talks about the time she bought a dress in a charity shop and wore it to an awards evening, she also gives hairstyle tutorials.

Olivia shares her tips on making a good first impression, from conversation starter to how to deal with forgetting someone’s name!

Lewis-Duncan Weedon talks about how to act when meeting the Queen, something we all need to know, just in case she decides to pop round for a cuppa! He also talks about how to organize an event, from finding the right location, to setting a theme.

I remember that when I was about 16, my mum bought me a similar book and I devoured all of the advice in it, even if some of it was on etiquette at fancy dinner parties I’ll never be going to!

The book is 200 pages long, so I can’t say too much about it without giving away everything, and then there’d be no need to buy a copy!

I would recommend Are You On The List? as a Christmas gift for young teenagers, someone aged 14-16. Someone who has dreams of becoming famous will love this book, it has all the advice they could need about looking their best and behaving appropriately in all situations, plus even if they don’t become famous the advice is still good stuff to take on board. I do have to say that my mum has had a look through it, and enjoyed reading it too, so it’s not just for the young ‘uns.

You can buy Are You On The List? from the So Vain Books website here and they also have a limited addition tote bag with a quote from Kitty Brucknell which you can buy here.

Will you be picking this up as a Christmas gift, or do you remember being given a similar book one year?

Beth x

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