LUSH Cinders Bath Ballistic | Review


LUSH bath season is now upon us, and I enjoyed my first bath last night. I don’t know about you but I find that during autumn and winter I need to have at least one bath a week, if not more .

LUSH Cinders Bath Ballistic

Last night I used Cinders in my bath which just smells amazing, if you don’t already know I love the spicy scents of Christmas, I’m definitely not a Snow Fairy fan. Cinders smells of cinnamon and also has orange in too.

Cinders Bath Ballistic

I also really love that it has popping candy in it, when you put it in the bath you can hear the candy popping which reminds me a little of autumn evenings and the crackling of the open fire, or even bonfires!

LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb

It does turn your bath yellow as it fizzes away, so be prepared to have to scrub the tub after!

I will happily say that Cinders is one of my favourite LUSH products, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it again this year. Plus at £2.50 it’s one of the cheapest bath ballistics LUSH do, so you can stock up on more of them!

Which LUSH Christmas product is your favourite?

Beth x