What I’ll be Snuggling Up With This Autumn


Autumn is here, and very soon the clocks will be changing and the nights getting darker a lot sooner. I absolutely love snuggling up on my bed with a pile of cushions and a blanket, along with a mug of tea and a bit of chocolate.

What I'll Be Snuggling Up With This Autumn


I’m going to be rereading Harry Potter, I’m not sure why but I always think of Autumn and Winter as the best time to read Harry Potter. I get that feeling of being in the Gryffindor common room sat by the fire.

I’m also going to reread A Discovery of Witches, you may remember I read it on my Kindle earlier on in the year but I now have the paperback so I want to read it again. You can see my review from earlier on in the year here.


I shall be watching series 7 of Supernatural and most likely series 8 too. I just have so much love for Dean and Sam, I hate Cas though. I’m not sure why but I just can’t get on with Castiel he just rubs me up the wrong way. It’s been a while since I finished season 6 so I’m looking forward to getting back into Supernatural.

I’m also going to be watching season 2 of Psych, I highly recommend it as it’s just so funny. Shawn pretends to be a psychic to enable him to help out with police cases, in reality he’s just highly trained in looking for clues by his father who was a cop. The cops dismiss Shawn and tell him he’s crazy, especially as he acts a little weird when getting his ‘psychic’ messages. He’s set up a psychic detective agency with his best friend Gus and gets employed by your average person to look into cases, and he tends to tread on the toes of the cops. I just find it so funny to watch, it came recommend from a friend after I struggled to get into Dexter.

The L Word is a lesbian classic but i’ve never watched it before in my life, my best friend has lent me series 1-4 and so far I’ve watched 3 episodes and I love it but I hate Jenny already! I do know quite a bit about it that i’ve picked up from Tumblr and lesbian friends, but I’m looking forward to getting hooked into it and finding out what happens.


I love my candles especially Yankee Candle, and Sparkling Cinnamon is one of my absolute favourites. I burn it all year round and stock up during the January sales. I’m going to be picking up a couple of Christmas candles, I’m thinking of trying Christmas Memories and repurchasing Red Apple Wreath. My favourite scents are definitely the spicy ones, don’t you think they just smell like autumn and winter?

What will you be snuggling up with this autumn?

Beth x