Learning to Run | Fitness


I recently decided that I want to learn how to run, now I can run but only for about 0.02 seconds and then i’m out of breath and want to quit! I guess I’m not learning how to run but i’m practicing running to be able to increase my stamina and distance.

Learning to run all came about because I discovered The Fat Girl’s Guide To Running. I was exploring the website, and joined in with a twitter chat and just decided to give it a go. The day after the twitter chat I went out on my first run.

I want to put out there that i’m not doing this to lose weight, I possibly will lose weight because i’ve increased the amount of exercise i’m doing. My body shape may also change as muscle increases with the running i’m doing, Ultimately i’m doing this to increase my fitness, I would love to be able to walk up the steps from our second car park at work without being ready to quit less than half way up. The steps do go up a steep hill in a field, but I still think they should put cable cars in so that we don’t have to walk.

I’m currently on a rest from running because I have shin splints, which isn’t fun. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get out running again at the weekend, I’ve really missed not being able to run. I’ve been enjoying that half hour when i get to go out, and just focus on one thing without worrying about everything else. I run on the road and the impact along with the way my foot moves, plus the sudden increase in exercise are what have caused my shin splints. I now have new running shoes (i can’t wait to try them out) to correct the way I run, which will help to minimise the chance of getting shin splints again.

I’m thinking of popping a few fitness posts up now again so that you can see how i’m getting on, and also see how i’m going about learning to run.

Beth x