What I’ll be Snuggling Up With This Autumn


Autumn is here, and very soon the clocks will be changing and the nights getting darker a lot sooner. I absolutely love snuggling up on my bed with a pile of cushions and a blanket, along with a mug of tea and a bit of chocolate.

What I'll Be Snuggling Up With This Autumn


I’m going to be rereading Harry Potter, I’m not sure why but I always think of Autumn and Winter as the best time to read Harry Potter. I get that feeling of being in the Gryffindor common room sat by the fire.

I’m also going to reread A Discovery of Witches, you may remember I read it on my Kindle earlier on in the year but I now have the paperback so I want to read it again. You can see my review from earlier on in the year here.


I shall be watching series 7 of Supernatural and most likely series 8 too. I just have so much love for Dean and Sam, I hate Cas though. I’m not sure why but I just can’t get on with Castiel he just rubs me up the wrong way. It’s been a while since I finished season 6 so I’m looking forward to getting back into Supernatural.

I’m also going to be watching season 2 of Psych, I highly recommend it as it’s just so funny. Shawn pretends to be a psychic to enable him to help out with police cases, in reality he’s just highly trained in looking for clues by his father who was a cop. The cops dismiss Shawn and tell him he’s crazy, especially as he acts a little weird when getting his ‘psychic’ messages. He’s set up a psychic detective agency with his best friend Gus and gets employed by your average person to look into cases, and he tends to tread on the toes of the cops. I just find it so funny to watch, it came recommend from a friend after I struggled to get into Dexter.

The L Word is a lesbian classic but i’ve never watched it before in my life, my best friend has lent me series 1-4 and so far I’ve watched 3 episodes and I love it but I hate Jenny already! I do know quite a bit about it that i’ve picked up from Tumblr and lesbian friends, but I’m looking forward to getting hooked into it and finding out what happens.


I love my candles especially Yankee Candle, and Sparkling Cinnamon is one of my absolute favourites. I burn it all year round and stock up during the January sales. I’m going to be picking up a couple of Christmas candles, I’m thinking of trying Christmas Memories and repurchasing Red Apple Wreath. My favourite scents are definitely the spicy ones, don’t you think they just smell like autumn and winter?

What will you be snuggling up with this autumn?

Beth x

My Everyday Autumn Makeup Picks


I thought I’d share with you the pieces of makeup which have made it into my box of everyday makeup for autumn. I shopped my stash the other night to find autumnal makeup that is quick and easy to put on in a morning before work.

Some pieces of makeup are essentials which live in my box throughout the year, with only the odd mix up if I get a new product to try.

Everyday Autumnal Makeup Picks - Face

The Porefessional £24.50 – The first of the products which lives in my box, now I don’t tend to apply this on a day to day basis when i’m going to work. However, if I’m going out after work i’ll put it on, or if I’m doing something special during the day and I need my makeup to last then this goes on.

Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream £8 – I have this in the shade 01 which is a perfect match all year round for me, I never get much colour. I really like that this has tea tree in to help battle those pesky spots, and I also love the smell! It’s not a smell that lingers, so you don’t need to worry about smelling like tea tree all day long. It applies flawlessly and blends really easily I have yet to spot brush strokes across my face even when I’ve applied a too much. The only issue I have with this BB cream is that there are only 3 shades available, I hope they expand the range so that everyone can try it!

Phwoarr Paint £5.49 – Phwoarr Paint is my under eye concealer and has been ever since Emily introduced me to it on our shopping trip to York back in May. I do sometimes find this to be a little too dark, but I tend to use my foundation brush to blend it in which helps to make it less like i’ve slapped something on top of my foundation.

Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 – We all know that this concealer gets raved about, and I’m another one who loves it. I haven’t yet strayed away from it when needing a concealer for blemishes.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder £13 – I was lusting after this for ages, I’d seen Estee rave about it and then Emily insisted I buy it so I finally caved. I’m so glad I caved, this is the perfect bronzer for my pale skin,I have shade 01. I really struggle finding a bronzer that isn’t too dark for me and that doesn’t take forever to blend in, but this one is the best i’ve ever found.

Crew High-Light Powder £17 – I got this from Cohorted earlier on in the year, it’s been available a couple of times since. I love that there’s 3 coloured sections, it just looks so pretty. You can choose to use just one of the coloured sections, or like me mix them together. I’m sure there is a reason behind each colour but i have no idea what it is.

Blush £22.50 – Seduction has been my favourite blusher ever since I bought it a year ago. I wore it all through last autumn and well into spring before I retired it for the summer, but I’m so glad to bring it back out again. It’s such a beautiful plum shade, and very pigmented. I did a wee review on it earlier in the year along with my other Nars blush which you can see here

Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder $13.95 – I use a translucent powder to set my face, I just find it a lot easier as I don’t need to worry about adding extra colour to my face when I’ve got my makeup looking great. This powder does have a shimmer to it, so not really advisable if you have oily skin, but you could also use it as a highlighter.

Everyday Autumnal Makeup Picks - Eyes and Lips

24hr Colour Tattoo £4.99 – Metallic Pomegranate is the perfect autumnal colour for me, much like my Nars blush. I use this over my lid as I find it makes a great base for any eye makeup look I decided to do.

Pro Palette Refill £10 – There’s only one colour from my MAC quad that I use which is Sable (top left) I use it in my crease and it goes perfectly with Metallic Pomegranate.

Lips £8 – I have the colour Called Up which I bought for my confirmation last November. It’s the perfect berry shade that can be worn every day, it’s not too dark that it looks vampy like some can do. 

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick £8 – Plum Jam is such a lovely plum balm ideal for everyday wear, it’s really nourishing which is what I need as the weather changes.

I’m sure you’ve been able to tell that during autumn I go for berry and plum toned colours, they just make me feel all autumnal ready to curl up with my blanket and a book or a movie. I also love being able to wrap up warm with lots of layers.

What are you Autumn makeup picks?

Beth x

University Diaries | How do I Write a Personal Statement?


University Diaries Header

I’ve just finished writing my personal statement and it has been a nightmare! Everyone has different pieces of advice for you, or tell you different things you need to put in. Now that mine is written I thought I’d share with you some things I learnt along the way.

You definitely need to start off with a plan, like you would with any essay, even if all you do is list the different sections you are going to write about. Here is the plan I got given from my course tutor

1. Course you want to do and why

2. Course you are doing now
    - How the subjects will help you
    - How the skills you’ve learnt will help you eg. Time Management, Independent Study, Team Work

3. Work Experience
    - What you did
    - What you learnt
    - How will it help

4. Hobbies
    - What do they show about you eg. Running shows determination, ballet shows expression

5. Big Sell/Conclusion

If you are looking to go into nursing or teaching then work experience is essential for your personal statement, if you’re running out of space don’t put your hobbies in as they aren’t as important.

If you’re wanting to study English then work experience isn’t as important but your hobbies may be if you write poems or stories.

Once I had my plan I began to make notes about what I would include for each section, I then sat down and wrote it as though it was an assignment. I’m wanting to study Theology and so I got myself into the zone for writing with a number of my books about Christianity at my side along with some Christian music and I found it very easy for me to write the section about the course I want to do and why.

I also included a couple of sentences describing the type of university I want to attend. I said something along the lines of ‘I want to study at a university with a small campus as I believe it will allow staff to get to know me’. I don’t know anyone else who has mentioned it, as it’s not essential. If you have chosen universities which are very different to each other, or have very different locations then don’t mention it as it can look as though you are favouring one university over another. All of the universities I have chosen are small universities which when I have visited have said that they pride themselves on course staff being able to get to know each individual student as class sizes are small.

I think about 50% of my personal statement is about the course I want to do and why with another 20% about the course I’m currently doing, 10% about why I’m returning to study and what I’ve done since I left school, 10% on my hobbies, and the final 10% on the big sell.

A lot of people say to write 80% about the course you want to do and the course you are currently doing, with 20% about you.

I will say it’s a struggle to keep within the 4000 characters or 47 lines (whichever comes first) that UCAS allows. It does take a lot of rejigging, and seeing which bits you can reword or possibly take out. I had to join 2 of my paragraphs together so that my personal statement would fit on the 47 lines. 

The pain of writing your personal statement is well worth it when it finally fits within the space UCAS allows.

Do you have any tips for writing a personal statement? Leave them in the comments!

Beth x

Melado Organic Hair Oil Growth Treatment | Review


I have something exciting to share with you, a product which I have been using for the past few weeks. Last year I chopped my hair off because it was in really bad condition, full of split ends, and it just didn’t look nice. I kept it short over the winter months, but since then I’ve been growing it. i want the length I used to have but to be in a lovely nice condition.


When I was offered the chance to review a hair treatment oil from Old Wives Tail I immediately said yes after browsing the website I chose the Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment*. I love the story behind the company, the owner has used these treatments on her hair for years and the mix of oils has been passed onto her by her Grandma.


I have been using the oil once a week since I received it, I wet my hair and then rub a little oil into the lengths of my hair, avoiding the roots. I then stick my hair in a shower cap and leave it on for about an hour, I usually end up doing some cleaning. I then hop in the shower and wash it off, I usually wash it when I get in the shower, and then give it another wash before I get out to make sure I wash all of the oil out.


I haven’t been paying attention as to whether or not it has helped my hair grow, but it’s definitely in a good condition. My hair is nice and soft even though I use heat on it quite regularly. I don’t think my hair has been in such nice condition for a long time.

It’s 13.99 for a 100ml of the Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment, however a little goes a long way. It’s definitely worth the £13.99 especially as the ingredients are all organic, it’s cruelty free, free from parabens, and suitable for vegans.

It also smells amazing, now I can’t possibly tell you what is in it besides lavender, which is the only scent I can pick up, but you can find the ingredients listed on the website.

What do you use to keep your hair in good condition?

Beth x

Couch to 5K | Fitness


Last week I mentioned that I’d started learning how to run again, the way i’m doing it is through the Couch to 5K programme. I knew I wanted to start running but was unsure of how to go about it, did I just go out and see what happened, or did I try and find a programme to follow? Luckily for me Gina of Fat Fit Fine recommended that I do the Couch to 5K programme, Gina started it earlier in the year and has completed it, and she had very good things to say about it.

Couch to 5K (1)

Seeing as Couch to 5K came recommened, I decided to do the NHS programme, purely because I imagine it has been designed for those of us who haven’t run in a really long time and just can’t get up and run straight away. I downloaded the app on my phone which is the Change for Life Couch to 5K app, it’s free to download and all of the content is free too. You do have to sign up to the Change for Life website to be able to get the podcasts for weeks 2 – 9. One thing I love about the app is that you can listen to music and the app still continues, the voice on the app tells you what you need to do and when, but I find listening to music is very motivational.

I am running week 1 at the moment, and this is because I am repeating it. I completed it within my first week, but didn’t feel comfortable moving onto week 2 as I was still struggling a little with week 1. Week 1 consists of a 5 minute warm up walk, and then alternates between 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking for 20 minutes before a 5 minute cool down walk. When I went for my first run I wasn’t able to complete all of the 60 seconds of running, I ran every one and a half. On my second run I managed to complete all of the running sections, but by the last coupe of runs I was so slow because I’d burned all of my energy early on. At the moment i’m still struggling to retain energy for the last couple of runs, but once I can complete all of the running sections without being ready to collapse on the ground then I’ll progress to week 2.

It will take me much longer than 9 weeks to get through the programme, but I’m not bothered about that I don’t have a time limit of when I need to be able to run by. I just want to develop my running and then possibly take part in one of my local park runs so that I can run in a different area. I’m currently running on the two country lanes near my house, one of which is quite hilly, and the other quite flat.

Have any of you tried the Couch to 5K programme, if not do you think you would ever try it?

Beth x

Learning to Run | Fitness


I recently decided that I want to learn how to run, now I can run but only for about 0.02 seconds and then i’m out of breath and want to quit! I guess I’m not learning how to run but i’m practicing running to be able to increase my stamina and distance.

Learning to run all came about because I discovered The Fat Girl’s Guide To Running. I was exploring the website, and joined in with a twitter chat and just decided to give it a go. The day after the twitter chat I went out on my first run.

I want to put out there that i’m not doing this to lose weight, I possibly will lose weight because i’ve increased the amount of exercise i’m doing. My body shape may also change as muscle increases with the running i’m doing, Ultimately i’m doing this to increase my fitness, I would love to be able to walk up the steps from our second car park at work without being ready to quit less than half way up. The steps do go up a steep hill in a field, but I still think they should put cable cars in so that we don’t have to walk.

I’m currently on a rest from running because I have shin splints, which isn’t fun. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get out running again at the weekend, I’ve really missed not being able to run. I’ve been enjoying that half hour when i get to go out, and just focus on one thing without worrying about everything else. I run on the road and the impact along with the way my foot moves, plus the sudden increase in exercise are what have caused my shin splints. I now have new running shoes (i can’t wait to try them out) to correct the way I run, which will help to minimise the chance of getting shin splints again.

I’m thinking of popping a few fitness posts up now again so that you can see how i’m getting on, and also see how i’m going about learning to run.

Beth x