Classic or Contemporary?


We all know that fashion is constantly reinventing itself by taking items or trends from the past and giving them a little jig to make them fresh and exciting again. JD Williams have challenged me to create an outfit either in a classic style or in a contemporary style.

After a quick chat with my mamma and a browse through the website I decided to create a contemporary hippy chic outfit. I did think about going for a classic 40’s/50’s style but it’s a style we do see a lot of as it’s very popular at the moment and I wanted to do something a little different, it’s also an outfit and style I would wear on a regular basis.

Photo taking didn’t go to plan, I did plan to go to Rockcliffe beach and take photos, however it completely bucketed it down so that became impossible. My hair is also looking really weird, it looked better in person than it does on the photos. I should also apologise for the creases in the dress, I’d been wearing it all day and being sat down just causes creases.


Denim Dress* – JD Williams
Orange Sandals* – JD Williams
Necklace – Chicken House (a cute little store in Kirby Lonsdale)
Floral headband – Ibiza Hippy Market


One of the best things about this dress is that it has pockets! We all love a good pocket and during the summer they’re just so handy stick your phone in, a bit of change and you’re instantly ready to go on a walk, or down to the beach. The sandals are wedged but are super comfy, I’ve had no difficulty when wearing them out, the soles are cushioned which is what makes them so comfy to wear.

I have worn this outfit out a couple of times, minus the headband as it tends to come flying off! I’ve been really comfortable as the dress is the right length for me, that I don’t spend too much time worrying that people are going to get a glimpse of my bum.

I’m wearing a size 20 and it’s true to size so there’s no need to size up in it, I also have the shoes in E width as I don’t have wide feet and so I guessed that E would be normal width and they fit so it must be.  In case you were wondering the dress washes well, I’ve washed it a couple of times and it’s still looking good.

If you were to go for a classic or contemporary outfit which trend would you choose?

Beth x

Baker Days | Review


I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to review a Baker Days cake, I instantly said yes, who says no to cake? As you may know I am going to be an Auntie, and so I chose to design my own cake with a picture of Finding Nemo. If you saw my sisters introduction last Tuesday you will know she has named her bump Nemo.

Baker Days Gluten Free Personalised Cake

I was super impressed that the image covered the whole of the cake, and wasn’t just in the middle, and put on top like the photo cakes you can get in the supermarket. I received the letterbox cake* which the post man posted through the cat flap, I’m not complaining it meant the cake didn’t have a drop to the floor.

I was seriously impressed with the packaging, inside the box the cake came in a tin, and also came with a couple of balloons, candles, and a whistle. I didn’t expect to find anything other than the cake in the box and definitely didn’t expect a tin. I’m going to keep the tin and fill it with homemade chocolates for my Grandma.

Baker Days Finding Nemo Design Your Own Cake

I chose the gluten free sponge so that I could enjoy a slice of the cake, along with everyone else. I was seriously impressed with the sponge. Gluten free cake can often not taste so great but I give this sponge and 8 out of 10, mainly because it doesn’t beat the taste of my gluten free chocolate fudge cake. My mum didn’t rate it highly, but she’s known for hating almost all gluten free cakes, but I guess when you don’t need to eat it then it just doesn’t compare to cake with gluten.

We managed to get 5 slices out of the cake, I will admit that I expected the slices to be really small and not very filling as it’s just one layer but I was good with my slice of cake after dinner.

Baker Days Gluten Free Letterbox Cake

I’ve had a good browse of the website and really love the personalised birthday cakes which Baker Days offer, I think they’d be perfect to send as a gift to a friend who doesn’t live close by or maybe a relative. I know if I moved away from home then I’d be popping one in the post for my mum. They also do boxes of 12 cupcakes, pretty ideal for if you forget you’re on cake duty, plus no need to leave the comfort of your home!

Would you be tempted to order a cake to have delivered to your home?

Beth x

Tea Chat | #1


Being British it’s almost essential that you drink tea, but I’m not found of your standard cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong I will drink it and enjoy it on occasion, but it’s not the tea I choose to drink on a daily basis.

Tea Chat Header

I’m a big lover of herbal tea, and today I have 6 to talk about which I currently have open in my cupboard.

Peppermint Tea – I currently have a box from Tesco open, I usually drink this when I feel as though I can expect an IBS flare up coming on, I like to warm myself up from the inside and the peppermint is really soothing.

Pineapple and Grapefruit Green Tea – I received this tea from Lucy in our Tea Swap just the other week. I can’t really taste the pineapple or grapefruit coming through. I’ve only had it a couple of times so maybe I haven’t infused the teabag for long enough to allow the flavours to develop. I’m not a leave the tea bag in sort of person.

Orange Crush – I feel as though the orange flavour in the tea is artificial, not at all like orange squash but also it isn’t a strong flavour. I expected it to taste like having warm orange juice which I absolutely love when I’m not feeling so well. I think it could possibly be orange essence or extract as it does taste a little like the orange in my favourite chocolate.

Mango & Passionfruit Green Tea – I like this because it has all the benefits of green tea, and yet still has the fruity flavours which I really enjoy. I like to have green tea as my first cup of the day, I’m not sure why but it’s just something I do.

Mango & Strawberry Tea – Easily my favourite tea, it’s the one I always have to replace. Ever since trying it earlier in the year I’ve not allowed my cupboard to be without. It’s also one of the teas which I gave to Lucy in our tea swap, I went a little overboard and bought three boxes.

Spiced Apple Tea – I highly recommend that you all go out and buy a box of this tea, it is just divine! It tastes like autumn and winter, it has cinnamon and cloves in it, which are exactly what I love about Christmas. I also love that inside the box they’re individually packaged so I can pop some in my handbag for when I’m out and about and no where has a tea I fancy.

Are you a tea drinker? Which tea is your favourite, maybe you have one you think I should try?

Beth x