Geek Girl | Book Review


Geek Girl

Geek Girl is about Harriet Manners she doesn’t have many friends at school, she has her best friend Nat and her stalker Toby. On a school trip she stumbles upon the world of modelling, and has the chance to reinvent herself but doing so will mean she is stealing the dream Nat has had since she was a child.

I feel as though I am too old to be reading this book. I didn’t manage to complete the book as part way through there’s a moment when someone is telling Harriet to do something which is going to embarrass her, that just makes me cringe and I couldn’t bring myself to continue reading. I am that person who can’t watch Hollyoaks as it is far too cringey, when I can predict what is going to happen and it’s not a good outcome then I can’t bring myself to watch or in this case read!

Although Geek Girl isn’t for me I can see the appeal, the book is well written and I found myself laughing at some parts of it. As a teenager in high school there will be so many similarities, or some you remember from your high school days. I think we all remember school trips being the best days. along with non uniform days. I’m sure every school still has the popular clique and the geeks, along with all the other cliques which go along with being at school.

If you’re a young teenager 13/14 then this book would be great, and I know that when I was that age I would have really enjoyed it but at 22 it’s just not for me.

Beth x