20 Things To Do This Summer


20 things to do this summer

I watched this video by Alfie of PointlessBlog and basically decided to pinch the idea! I’ve created a list of 20 things which I would like to do this year, and each time I do them I’m going to take a picture, so that at the end of the summer we can see how many I achieved, and you can see me doing it.

1. Eat an ice cream.
2. Go to the beach.
3. Go to Bolton Abbey.
4. Toast Marshmallows.
5. Go bowling.
6. Cook something new.
7. Try a new fruit.
8. Create a Summer playlist.
9. Have a Barbeque.
10. Play mini/crazy golf.
11. Cut in a full fringe.
12. Go on a picnic.
13. Give blood.
14. Buy fresh flowers.
15. Do yoga.
16. Try a new tea.
17. Buy a book which I’m not sure I will like after reading the blurb.
18. Make ice cream.
19. Do something out of my comfort zone.
20. Have fun with friends.

As you can see some of them are easy to do, while some will be a little harder. I would love to be able to achieve all of them, but we shall see how things pan out over the summer.

Is there anything which you want to achieve this summer?

Tink x