Inside Number 129 | Book Review


I was very kindly sent a copy of Inside Number 129* the debut novel of Caroline Elvin.

I had this book read within 3 hours of receiving it, I believe that says something. I got into it, and just didn’t want to put it down, though I had to for dinner. Coming home after a long day which had seemed almost a waste it was lovely to have some post and I got started straight away wanting to escape, and escape i did! By the end of the book I was in a fit of laughter which got me strange looks from my sister and her friend.


Eve and her 3 best friends are starting their third year of university and have all decided to live together, nothing could possibly go wrong, right? As far as Eve is aware her own uni life and romance are going pretty perfectly so she spends the beginning of the year supporting her friends and playing mediator, they may all be Eve’s best friends, but they certainly aren’t each others best friends.

Jasmine has a boyfriend whom no one else gets along with, he’s in the house before any of the other girls have arrived and had chance to settle in.

Rosie has her heart set on Will the best friend of the popular Freddie James but does she really have a chance with him?

Lucy is distant and Eve puts it down to the break up with her boyfriend Ben during their second year.

Alex is Eve’s boyfriend and he’s hiding a secret from her, a secret which two of her best friends know about. Eve believes their relationship is going swimmingly and refuses to do anything which could risk it.

Eve is instantly ready to make a plan and pull together as soon as anything goes wrong.

I recommend you pick this up for your holidays, you’ll be laughing and falling in love while you read. You might also have a strong word or two which you want to give to certain characters, I know I did! I can easily imagine reading this on the plane, by the pool, or on the beach.

You can buy Inside Number 129 on Caroline’s website here.

Tink x

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