Chunky Cat Cuddler Plus Size Clothing | Review


I am back chatting about plus size clothes, you may know that Nicola is a fellow plus size blogger and has her own business Chunky Cat Cuddler which is home to a range of awesome accessories. However, just a couple of weeks ago Nicola launched her plus sized clothing range, in sizes 14 -26.

I already knew without a doubt that I would be purchasing the Neon Orange Vest I got a sneaky look at the vests before the line was launched and I fell in love. I wore mine a few days ago to go to my second UCAS convention, I paired it with my black skinny jeans, and some sandals. A super simple outfit which looked good, if I do say so myself!

Neon Orange Vest - Chunky Cat Cuddler

Neon Orange Vest – Chunky Cat Cuddler
Black Skinny Jeans – New Look Inspire (Via ASOS)
Sandals – Primark (Last Year)
Bag – Primark
Cardigan – Laura Ashley (Via eBay)
Necklace – Gift
Bracelet – Chelsea Doll (Last Year)

I also picked up the Midi Flare Blue Lagoon Skirt, I couldn’t resist the colour of it. I can honestly say that this skirt is the perfect length! I constantly struggle finding a skirt which is knee length, if a skirt is above the knee then it is too short, and I don’t always want a skirt which is mid calf. I wore it with a lace top to keep it very summery while going out for a drink with my friend.

Midi Flare Blue Lagoon Skirt - Chunky Cat Cuddler

Lace top – Primark
Cami – ASOS Curve
Skirt – Chunky Cat Cuddler
Sandals – Primark (Last Year)
Necklace – Chunky Cat Cuddler
Bracelet – Chunky Cat Cuddler
Bag – Primark

Both pieces I bought were size 20/22 and are a perfect fit, the skirt has an elasticated waist so if I eat a big meal then I know it will still be comfy to wear and not dig in like jeans can. I also like the length of the vest as it covers the top of my jeans so I know that if I reach up then it’s not going to pull up and expose the bottom of my back.

I love the line of clothing Nicola has out at the moment, there are some beautiful dresses which are perfect for summer and a couple of them could easily be styled for work too. Some of the clothes are dual sized like the pieces I bought but not all of them are, and going off the 2 pieces I’ve bought they are true to size, so you don’t need to worry about sizing up or down. Nicola offers free standard delivery in the UK which is always a nice bonus and mine arrived a couple of days after ordering.

Tink x

Baking a Boyfriend | Review and Recipe


As you may well know I’ve been single a bloody long time! So when the opportunity arose to bake myself the perfect boyfriend, I couldn’t possibly turn it down. If you can’t find someone then bake your own so that when they annoy you, you can just bite their head off, literally!

Bake Your Own Boyfriend Cookie Cutter

Myself and my sister had great fun making our own boyfriends, and I would definitely invite the girls round so that we can make some together. 

I also have a recipe for gluten free cookies which went down very well with my Mamma and the lovely folks at #LeedsMayMeet. The recipe is designed to make 12 – 16 cookies depending on how big you like to make them.

Gluten Free Cookie Ingredients


125g Caster Sugar
100g Brown Sugar
125g Butter
225g Gluten Free Self Raising Flour (substitute with Gluten Free Plain Flour, and 1 tsp of Gluten Free Baking Powder)
1 Egg
1 tsp Vanilla Essence/Extract
200g Chocolate Chips

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees, gas mark 4.

Cream your butter and sugars together, before adding your egg and vanilla essence. You will then need to sift in your flour and mix it together before adding your chocolate chips. Once your batter is ready, line a couple of baking trays with baking paper. I recommend that you place your cookies far apart from each other, once they are in the oven they will begin to spread, and if too close will get stuck together. Bake them for 10-12 minutes and then remove from the oven, letting them cool a little before you start eating them!

Cookie Boyfriend

If you want to use a cookie cutter then you need a dough which isn’t quite as wet, so once you have your dough I recommend slowly adding a little flour and working it in until you get a dough which won’t stick to your cookie cutter.

I have been told by my mum that these do not taste as though they are gluten free, and she was very impressed with them, which is high praise!

You can purchase your own Bake your own Boyfriend Cookie Cutter* by Niion on Amazon or you may even want to purchase a Bake your own House Husband Cookie Cutter which could be great fun for someone who is getting married soon. I think these cookie cutters make the perfect little joke addition to any gift, I know that it’s something I do with my friends.

Tink x

#ToastOfTheTown | Event


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may remember that at the end of May I went to a cocktail event. Joe Blogs very kindly invited me to the Copthorne Hotel at Salford Quays, it was a cocktail making event which I couldn’t possibly turn down.

I love a good cocktail and being taught how to make some just sounded like the perfect evening. I apologise if I get the instructions for cocktail making a little mixed up, though i’ll try my best to get them right.

Kentucky Storm

Kentucky Storm


Kentucky Bourbon
Ginger Beer

Top and tail your lime before cutting it into wedges, add 2 or 3 wedges to an empty glass and give a little squeeze of the lime juice into the glass before popping them in. Add a measure of Kentucky Bourbon, as much or as little as you like, at home I like to put in a glug which I’m sure counts as a unit of measurement! You then need to fill your glass with ice and give it a stir, you’ll find that as you move the ice it ends up looking as though you didn’t put much in so top it up! You then need to fill the glass with ginger beer, a straw, and for decoration a wedge of lime!

It’s easy and tastes delicious, easily my favourite of the evening!




Crushed Ice
Creme de Mure

Juice a lemon into your glass, add a measure of gin, top with crushed ice, and then drizzle some creme de mure over the top and watch it make its way through all the gaps in the ice, add a straw and a couple of blackberries for garnish.

Another simple cocktail which tasted amazing!




Soda Water

Again you will need to top and tail your lime before cutting it into wedges, squeeze some of the juice into the bottom of the glass and then add in the wedges you’ve squeezed. Add a measure of rum, you can use white rum or dark rum, it’s completely up to you!. You then need to add some mint leaves, for one glass you might want to put in 3 or 4, before you add them to your glass give them a clap between your hands, this helps to release the flavour. You then need to add in your ice, and give it a stir careful not to bruise the mint, and then add extra ice if required before topping off with soda water. Add a straw, and a lime wedge for garnish, and that’s another cocktail under your belt!




Triple Sec
Cranberry Juice

It’s time to get the cocktail shaker out, add some lime juice, a measure of vodka, a smaller measure of triple sec, and your ice into a cocktail shaker. You want to add a little cranberry juice, just so that it looks like a pastel pink, you can then go to town shaking up your cocktail. Once you’ve given it a good shake strain it into a glass. Now comes the tricky bit, slice a big piece of rind off your orange and squeeze it between your thumb and index finger, you then want to hold it close to the edge of the glass, and run a lighter over the rind, this will cause it to release oils which will go over the top of your cocktail. You can garnish with a wedge of orange or a twist of orange rind. I would advise you leave the straw behind this time, otherwise you won’t get the true taste of your cosmopolitan.

I might have made the odd mistake with my instructions, but I am relying on my memory for these, though if you want proper instructions then just head to Google where you will find many cocktail recipes.

There was also a competition to make our own cocktails, which was great fun!

I had a fab time at the event and got to meet Donna, Katie, Rach, Sarah (Rach’s friend who isn’t a blogger), Bea, Kat, and Megan.

Tink x

Inside Number 129 | Book Review


I was very kindly sent a copy of Inside Number 129* the debut novel of Caroline Elvin.

I had this book read within 3 hours of receiving it, I believe that says something. I got into it, and just didn’t want to put it down, though I had to for dinner. Coming home after a long day which had seemed almost a waste it was lovely to have some post and I got started straight away wanting to escape, and escape i did! By the end of the book I was in a fit of laughter which got me strange looks from my sister and her friend.


Eve and her 3 best friends are starting their third year of university and have all decided to live together, nothing could possibly go wrong, right? As far as Eve is aware her own uni life and romance are going pretty perfectly so she spends the beginning of the year supporting her friends and playing mediator, they may all be Eve’s best friends, but they certainly aren’t each others best friends.

Jasmine has a boyfriend whom no one else gets along with, he’s in the house before any of the other girls have arrived and had chance to settle in.

Rosie has her heart set on Will the best friend of the popular Freddie James but does she really have a chance with him?

Lucy is distant and Eve puts it down to the break up with her boyfriend Ben during their second year.

Alex is Eve’s boyfriend and he’s hiding a secret from her, a secret which two of her best friends know about. Eve believes their relationship is going swimmingly and refuses to do anything which could risk it.

Eve is instantly ready to make a plan and pull together as soon as anything goes wrong.

I recommend you pick this up for your holidays, you’ll be laughing and falling in love while you read. You might also have a strong word or two which you want to give to certain characters, I know I did! I can easily imagine reading this on the plane, by the pool, or on the beach.

You can buy Inside Number 129 on Caroline’s website here.

Tink x

PS. Don’t forget I’m organising a Summer Book Swap sign ups close midnight 28th June.

Being the Boss and taking Control


You may have seen the new GiffGaff campaign and add showing that we are ‘the boss’ and to take control in our lives. If you haven’t seen the add then you can see it on YouTube here. You can also read more about the campaign on the GiffGaff blog here. I’ve been contacted asking if I want to take part in the campaign and as soon as I read the email I knew exactly what I would write about, there was no thinking involved. I believe that the opportunity to take part in this campaign is a gift.

I think most of you know that I was made redundant last March and as you can imagine it was pretty terrifying, I had no idea what I was going to do. I had long stopped enjoying my job and was happy to be out of the company, even though it meant I no longer got to see some awesome friends every day. I couldn’t even count on my hands and feet the number of times i’d said that I wanted to find a new job, but i’ll hold my hands up and say I didn’t do much in the way of searching.

My redundancy happened on a normal everyday day, I finished work and went to the supermarket and did the food shopping. At no point did I feel upset about what happened, or feel as though it shouldn’t have been me, I was more annoyed about the fact that my friend had also been made redundant.

For me being made redundant was a gift, it gave me the time I needed to focus my energy on finding a new job. I took the time to revamp my CV, this blog even has a mention on it! I knew that I had plans to start studying again so I started looking at the different courses available and how I would be able to afford the costs, while doing that I found a job vacancy at a local FE college for a temporary member of Admin staff, and so I applied for it. It would have been perfect as it would end just as I was ready to start a full time course.

It didn’t quite work out like that, they invited me for interview when I was on holiday in Inverness, I was away with my family so didn’t have my car to get home in, and the train was over £100! I asked them if it was possible to do a phone interview, or a Skype interview as I was really interested in the job. I got told they would give me a call if they were unsuccessful at finding someone to fill the position. I figured that was that and just carried on enjoying my holiday. When I got back from my holiday I received a phone call from the FE college saying that they had another job position working with the part time prospectus and would I be available to go in and have a chat about it, I of course said yes. I decided to take this as an opportunity to show them how much I had to offer them, now I was told it was an informal chat but I dressed for an interview. I also spent the evening before preparing the best ways to put across how my previous job and my blog could help me, along with making a list of all the different things I had to offer which weren’t just writing based.

I actually ended up being offered the job there and then on a 3 month temporary contract, and at the end of the 3 months they had to formally advertise the job, but I’m very happy to say I am still there now and love my job!

Being redundant could have gone completely the opposite way for me, and I know not everyone is so lucky but I took the opportunity given to me and grabbed it with both hands. I know that being made redundant was what I needed to give me that kick into finding a new job which is why it happened when it did, I also know that the first job I found at the FE college was not for me but was a stepping stone into allowing me to find the right job. A job which fits in with the studying I’m doing, and which has allowed me to learn lots of new things.

There are so many different ways you can be your own boss and grab an opportunity, whether it’s choosing to take a gap year and go travelling, making a change in lifestyle, or doing something which you know will make you happy even if it’s not exactly what you had planned.

Summer Book Swap


Myself and the lovely Hayley from Water Painted Dreams have paired up to run a summer book swap! I organised one earlier this year and had great feedback from the people that took part so when Hayley suggested we organise one together I said a great big YES!!

2014-04-11 15.18.19

The idea is that you will purchase a second hand book or possibly pass on one of your own if you have one which you think your partner will like. We want to share the love of reading and show that it doesn’t need to be expensive! Plus it’s always great to get recommendations from other people, I do often ask Hayley for them or search her blog to find books I might fancy picking up.

Anyway back to the swap, all you need to do to sign up is drop me an email using Summer Book Swap as the subject, including your name and address, your blog address too if you have one, and also your favourite and least favourite genres. The closing date for sign ups is midnight 28th June.

Once you’re signed up we will send emails out on 30th June which will tell you your swap partner, along with the details from their sign up email. You then get to pick out a book for them, and pop it in the post! We ask that you include a note explaining why you choose the book along with revealing who you are so that they can then thank you, even if it’s just a tweet. It’s always great to know they’ve received it and it hasn’t got lost in the post!

We both thought it would be really nice to receive a little summer surprise which is why you won’t be directly paired up for the swap. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and i’ll get them answered as soon as possible for you.

My email is and to sign up you need to have sent an email by midnight on 28th June, ready to find out your partner on 30th June. When we send out swap partners we will also send out a recommended posting date so that everyone should get their book around the same time. The swap is UK only, and that’s so that we can try and keep postage costs down, lots of people will probably have holidays coming up so hopefully you can keep it around the £5 mark.

I hope it takes your fancy and you’ll join up for a new summer read!

Tink x