Haughton Greene Lavender and Mandarin Sensitive Skin Balm | Review


2014-01-06 17.10.56

I was very kindly sent a sample size of the Lavender and Mandarin Sensitive Skin Balm* to review a little while ago and the balm has been made to nourish dry sensitive skin. the product was originally made as a natural treatment for eczema.  Now I don’t have sensitive skin but during winter and through the change to spring I do get seriously dry hands.

The balm was the first product Haughton Greene created, it was created as the owners daughter has eczema and they were struggling to find a product which would help sooth her skin and wouldn’t cause it to flare up even more. The balm is made with no chemicals at all, there’s not even water in it!!

Haughton Greene make all of their products with 100% natural ingredients, which I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty amazing! All the products they make are all made by hand in Staffordshire, and key ingredients are also sourced from Staffordshire.

I can happily say that this has become a handbag essential for me, I use it everyday instead of a hand cream, my hands are lovely and soft. I really like that this comes in a metal tin with a screw top, no need to worry about it exploding in my bag and getting all over the many gadgets I carry around.

I can easily pick out the lavender scent but I can’t pick out the mandarin, but to be fair I am pretty awful at telling what different scents are, so it could just be my nose. It’s a solid balm but instantly melts into an oil under the warmth of your fingers which makes it super easy to massage into your skin.

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