University Diaries | Is the UCAS Convention worth going to?


Yes, yes it is! The UCAS Convention is a great opportunity to take the time to speak with members of staff from lots of different universities. There’s a good chance your school or college will be running a trip to the UCAS Convention nearest to you, so get gone.

I went along as a member of staff to supervise the group of students we took, however I still got to make good use of the time. I had already narrowed myself down to about 10 universities who I wanted to chat too and get a prospectus from. I made the decision to only stop and speak to representatives from the universities I already had interest in, this meant that I could get round very quickly and make sure that I definitely spoke to those I wanted to.

If you know which universities you might want to go to, then get round and speak to those first, you can then spend your spare time walking around and seeing if any of the other universities take your fancy. There are so many different universities, so you might find that you see one which you had never considered looking at before. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions about the course, and what modules you could be studying.

If you’re not sure which universities you want to go to now is the perfect chance to take a look and see which ones offer the course you want to do, but also to ask any questions you have.

I spoke to the one of the representatives for the University of Chester and was told about the Christian Mission fund they have which is used to help students carry out missionary work. This is something I hadn’t seen on the website and meant I learnt something new which I wouldn’t have known without seeing them at the UCAS Convention.

You won’t just find information about the different universities, you will also find information about gap years, and graduate schemes, so even if you’re unsure about what you want to do it is worth going to.

Tink x