Easter Bird Nest Cake


Easter is at the end of this week, and so I though I would share with you a cake I made at the end of last week while off work. I spotted a pin a little while ago and though it would make a pretty perfect Easter cake, I saw the image but didn’t bother going through to the recipe or the instructions.


You can find the original recipe here.

When it came to making the cake I decided to whip up a simple chocolate sponge, I made it gluten free so just substituted self raising flour with gluten free self raising flour. My simple sponge recipe is one which I don’t have exact measurements for, so I can’t give them to you, it’s what I call the 8,4,2 method.

Anyway I made my sponge and left it to cool, I then ran round the kitchen trying to find something I could use to cut a round hole in the middle of the sponge which was going to be my top layer. I found the lid off a plastic tub would do the trick. I cut my circle out before sandwiching my cake together which did make my top layer break into two. I cheated and used chocolate spread to sandwich my cakes together, mainly because I used the last of the cocoa powder in my cake batter.

I covered the bottom layer in melted chocolate spread, stuck half the top layer on, and then used chocolate spread to stick the other half to the first half. I then poured more chocolate spread into the hole until it was almost full, and filled it with mini eggs. I also used chocolate spread to cover the top of my cake, and to recreate sticks I used matchmakers.

2014-04-11 13.18.20

It’s a really simple cake to make if you do it my way, because I like simple. I like to think that if this was on Pinstrosity then it would be a pin spin and graded GCT 2.

Let me know if you plan on recreating this cake, whether it’s mine or the original!

Tink x