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Recently yoga seems to have jumped up in popularity as a great form of exercise. Where I work have started putting on a class on a Monday evening for staff to attend, and it is very popular within my office. Yoga is a sport that you can do at any size, there are fat yoga classes about so you don’t need to feel self conscious in class. A good instructor will only push you as far as you can go, there’s no need to worry about not being able to get yourself into some of the poses in your very first class! It’s on my list of exercises to try, once I free up space in my diary and find a beginners class.

I was contacted by Jane from OM Yoga and she asked me if I would like to host a giveaway for 2 pairs of 2 day passes for the Manchester show on 10th and 11th May 2014, I said yes as I’m sure some of my readers would love the chance to attend and learn more about yoga.

The OM Yoga Show will introduce you to the ancient Indian practice of yoga, which is well known for relaxing the body and de-stressing the mind, something which most of us need! There will be over 100 exhibitors at the show, where you’ll find some exhibiting the best yoga and pilates, complimentary therapies, along with yoga accessories, jewellery, and even holidays!

You won’t only get tickets to the OM Yoga Show you will also get free entrance to the Mind Body Soul Experience which is all about complementary health, spiritual awareness, and personal development. Visit the Stage Experience and you will be able to try out many fun exercise activities such as Zumba, Bollywood dance, Hula Hooping and more!

Some highlights for this years show include:

Yoga Disco
Over 40 complimentary yoga sessions
Hotpod yoga sessions
Top yoga presenters

If you want to know more about the show then take a look at the OM Yoga Show website.

Unfortunately I’m away in Newcastle over the weekend of the OM Yoga Show otherwise I’d have been there!

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Terms & Conditions.

1. BethTinkerbell is hosting the giveaway and is not responsible for sending the prize to the winner, this is done directly from OM Yoga. The blog and it's owner accept no responsibility for any withdrawal or non receipt of the prize.
2. The giveaway will run from Tuesday 1st April to Sunday 20th April.
3. The winner will have 14 days to respond, so that tickets can be sent out in time for the event.
4. You must complete all mandatory entry requirements, any entrants who do not complete mandatory requirements will have all of their entries withdrawn, once the giveaway has ended.
5. There will be 2 winners for a pair of 2 day passes each.
6. You must make your own way to OM Yoga Show Manchester, Manchester Central.

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University Diaries | Where do I start looking?


You may, or may not know that I am aiming to go to university in 2015. I thought I would document the whole journey on this here blog, i’m sure some of you will have advice for me, and I’ll also be able to provide advice for someone who has yet to start the journey. I’ve seen a number of posts which give tips and advice once you’ve started uni, but I think the whole journey is a little scary!

I started my course in September 2013. I’m doing an Access to Higher Education course which isn’t the usual way to get to university. In the first couple of weeks of the course we spent time in class looking on UCAS to find the courses we were interested in, and also to see if our chosen universities accepted the Access to HE qualification.

I want to study Theology and was lucky enough to find that all of the universities I want to study at accept the Access to HE qualification, however they didn’t all say so on UCAS. A number of universities stated that they needed to be contacted directly, sometimes it can depends on the units you are studying. I sent all of my chosen universities an email, saying that I was interested in studying Theology with them for 2015 entry, and that I am currently studying an Access to HE course, and if they would accept the course as an alternative entry route.

If you are studying A Levels it is much easier to find the entry requirements, UCAS have a points tariff which universities use, and they will often ask for 360 UCAS points rather than stating the exact grades required. Some universities do choose to ask for ABB along with stating the points tariff.

One of the big benefits of taking a look at UCAS from the beginning of my course is that I was able to discover the entry requirements for all the universities I would possibly like to study at. I have then taken the highest entry requirements and that’s the minimum I want to get out of my course. I think it’s really good to have a target to aim for from the beginning,

It’s very easy to block out the thoughts of university when starting a course, I know I did when I started 6th form straight from school. Even if you’re not sure what degree you want to study, it’s a great opportunity to take a look at the universities which take your fancy and to see what sort of entry requirements they ask for a number of different courses, just to give yourself something to aim for.

As I said this is the beginning of a series documenting my journey, and so you can expect to see plenty more posts. I would love to know if you’ve got any advice from having already been there and done that, I’m a complete newbie after all!

Tink x

On the radio

I am going to be on the radio this morning, I will be on BBC Tees radio just before 11 with Mike Parr, which you can listen to live here

We will be having a discussion around this article posted on the Daily Mail on Wednesday. 

I'll admit to you all that I've been worrying that i'll forget words and stumble, and just make a fool of myself, fingers crossed I won't and that I manage to form sentences but we shall see. 

I will also update this post with a link to the show on Iplayer so that you can listen to it later if it's available.
You can listen online until next Friday myself and Lisa are on 1 hour and 50 minutes into the show.

Happy Friday Folks!!

Tink x