So White | Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup Foundation


I’m going to start off with the foundation which is currently the worst match in my collection.

During the summer I was in Leeds for the day, and decided to take a trip to the Clinique counter in Boots. I’d previously had their Superbalanced Makeup foundation, and wanted to purchase it again, but I figured I should probably get colour matched because it had been a couple of years since I’d last bought a bottle.


The lady at the Clinique counter said the Superbalanced Makeup foundation wasn’t ideal for my skin type and recommended I try the Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup foundation. I do have oily skin so I though it would be worth a try and it sounded as though it would be even better than the foundation I originally planned on buying. I was colour matched to the shade 05 Fair, and like a fool I trusted that the lady had matched me up to the right shade but it was too dark and made me look orange.

I know it was summer when I got colour matched, but even then I don’t have all that much colour, I avoid the sun as much as possible and coat myself in masses of sun cream.

I started wearing it and found that even with lots of blending it just wasn’t matching with my skin tone, I first thought she must have given me the wrong colour by mistake, but no it is in shade 05 Fair and she had told me that the shade Fair was the one that was best suited to my skin tone.


On to the foundation, although I have the wrong shade it doesn’t mean the foundation is a bad one itself.

It’s a liquid foundation, within a squeezy tube packaging which makes it very easy to control the amount you get out. It’s easy to blend and a little does go a long way which makes it worth the £22 price tag. I do find that it does stay matte, but i’ve never worn it for more than a few hours, so it may not stay as matte if you wear it all day.

I would say it’s a medium coverage foundation and I bought it for the purpose of being the foundation I wore when going out, rather than as an everyday foundation.

I would quite happily repurchase this if I could get the colour right first. It isn’t a bad foundation it’s just too dark for me.

Have any of you had better look being colour matched with this foundation?

Tink x