Love EVERY Body #3

Today is all about our arms.

I've never hated my arms, I've never wanted to hide them. Why should I? My arms are just as good as anyone elses, they might be fatter than some and slimer than others but they are just arms.

We have had a few breakages through the years. The first break came when I was 5, I was running up a little hill so that I could roll back down it but I fell on the way up. I broke both bones in my left wrist, and ended up going in to theatre twice and having them manipulated.

The next break came when I was 10, I fell of a pony and managed to break my right humerus, and let me tell you now it wasn't funny!

The final break came another 5 years later when I was 15, and fell off a skateboard. That was my first and last time on one! I broke my right arm again, but this time it was in my lower arm just before my elbow, so I was pretty lucky.

As they say things come in 3s and I've managed not to break an arm since.

I love my arms, they're great for cuddles, typing up this blogpost. I get to use them for making myself look pretty, and to drive myself on adventures.

Tink x