Fangirl | Book Review


I have recently become a little addicted to reading books on my kindle, now don’t get me wrong I love having a book in my hand, but I’ve just realised how handy a kindle actually is. On Sunday I had a bit of a mad rampage downloading and purchasing books from the kindle store, and one of those books was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell which was £2.99.


Fangirl is about twin sisters Cather and Wren who are starting college, and moving away from home for the first time. As twin sisters they have done everything together, however Wren has decided that at college she wants to live without her sister and meet new friends. Cather is the quieter sister who likes to stay in on her laptop and most of her friends are the people she has met online.

Cather is obsessed with the Simon Snow series which is to them what Harry Potter is to us, she writes her own fanfiction, and is the author of the very popular fanfic Carry On Simon. Cather wants to burry herself into writing her fanfic but has to deal with a stranger as her roommate, her roommates boyfriend who never seems to leave their room, the loss of her sister, and worrying about her dad Art who has brought the twins up since their mum left.

I really enjoyed Fangirl, it’s an easy read which is great for a Sunday afternoon. I feel that Rainbow Rowell really managed to capture the true essence of a fangirl, a girl who loves the world of her favourite books so much that she wants to be a part of that world. I will hold my hand up now and say i’ve tried my hand at writing fanfiction, and I’m not great at it, but I still love diving into the world of Harry Potter every now and again to read some Remus/Sirius or Harry/Draco. Cather isn’t the crazy kind of fangirl that is following a musician around, and trying to meet them at every opportunity, instead she is the fangirl that is inside of us all. She’s the one that wants to get inside of that world and she’ll do whatever she can, by reading the books and watching the films so many times she’s lost count, or sitting and spending hours writing her own fanfiction and going against canon with a Simon/Baz relationship. I think lots of us can identify with the fangirl that is Cather.

I also love that throughout the book there are excerpts from the Simon Snow books and Cather’s fanfic Carry On, Simon. Once i’d finished reading I did have to Google to see if the Simon Snow books do exist because they sound so wonderful but unfortunately Rainbow Rowell created them for the purpose of Fangirl.

Also as a side note, there has been fanfiction written about Fangirl!

I would definitely recommend this book, I loved reading it and felt a little sad that I’d finished it so quickly.

Tink x

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