Book Swap


I’m sure you may have noticed that with the past few book posts I’ve done I have also asked if anyone would be interested in a book swap. A few people have shown interest so I thought it was time I put together a post sharing my idea, and also to let people sign up to take part.

The idea is that 2 people will be paired up together, and will discuss the books they like to read, and some of their favourites. Each person will then try to pick out a book or two which they think their partner will like to read based on the information they’ve shared.

I also think it would be nice if each person included one of their own personal favourites, this doesn’t need to fit the types of genres that the other person likes to read. It would be more of a recommendation that this book is awesome, and you should give it a try.

I think a budget of £10 is reasonable, so of course all books do not need to be brand new, they could be ones you’ve picked up on eBay, a charity shop, or second hand book shop. You might just be super awesome at finding some of the best deals on Amazon, who knows!

If you find that you have some books in your collection that you’ve been thinking you might get rid of, and they fit the types of books your partner finds then please feel free to pop those in as additional books.

Does that all make sense?

If you do want to take part leave me a comment with your email address below, or you can email me at, I’ll send an email out to everyone wishing to take part on 28th Feb, that should give enough time for people to get involved if they want too.

I think for now we’ll keep it UK only, but if it goes well and I organise another one then if people want to then we’ll branch out to international.

I love getting new books and recommendations, so I think this will be a great way to get some and a way to possibly meet someone new.

Tink x