After work one Thursday at the beginning of December I hopped on the train to Leeds to go the opening of the new TSHIRT STORE, you may have heard of them as they have stores in Covent Garden, and Guildford, but Leeds is going to be their flagship UK store.
The TSHIRT STORE began in Sweden and in 2006 they opened their first store in Malmo, since then they’ve opened 15 other stores not including the one in Leeds.
As you can guess from the name they mainly do T-shirts but these aren’t just any t-shirts, they are all made from the highest grade of fairtrade cotton. Each t-shirt is limited edition and they work with independent designers, and so I think £30 for a t-shirt is a reasonable price, I will definitely be picking one up, once i’ve recovered from the expense of Christmas and the sales!
It was a lovely evening, with pizza and champagne, what more could you want? I loved chatting to lots of bloggers, along with the staff that will be working in the store. I must admit there were a number of t-shirts which I wanted to take home with me, mainly the ones with cats on! They also sell sweatshirts, and accessories, whether you’re looking for a new phone case or want a tote bag with an awesome design.
If you want to visit the store you’ll find it in the Trinity shopping centre between Topshop and Blott.

Tink x

Ps. Rachel very kindly let me borrow some of her photos because mine have gone missing off my laptop