Bruce | Chunky Cat Cuddler


I’m sure you can all remember that I said last week I wouldn’t be buying and keeping clothes unless they make me feel awesome. Today I thought I would introduce you to one of my favourite accessories which makes me feel awesome.

2013-06-28 09.41.01

Bruce, is my glorious pig necklace from Chunky Cat Cuddler, he is from the Creature Comforts range. The Creature Comforts range includes farm animals, like my dear Bruce, zoo animals, and even dinosaurs! There is also an Animal Kingdom range which offers bracelets, and I am very tempted to buy Bruce a little friend.

As you can see Bruce is on a gold chain, but he fastens with a beautiful blue ribbon. His ribbon is so nice and soft, plus it adds a little something extra special to him.

I find Bruce to be super amazing, and people do question why did you choose a pig, well lets be honest, as a fat person you can often be called a pig. However, pigs are beautiful creatures, just like we are, and yet they are called names and people think wrongly about them. I figure me and Bruce are two souls which belong together.

Do you have an accessory which makes you feel awesome?

Tink x