Labels are that pesky thing created to describe something/someone. Society puts a lot of weight into these labels that are created.

Bloggers are labelled due to the content they post. Some bloggers can spend hours deliberating whether they should post something they've written or if they should talk about something that is important too them, just because it doesn't fit the label they have as a blogger. A beauty blogger might worry about posting something fashion related.

Straight size and plus size are labels that have been created, do we really need to separate clothing like that? People don't deserve to be labelled by their size but it happens constantly. The word fat has had to be reclaimed, and everyone has their own definition as to what fat is. I don't ever think of myself as being fat or plus sized, but if I'm asked to label myself or I'm in a situation where I need to label myself then I'll choose fat, because I'm secure in saying that.

I really dislike the pressure to label yourself, and the way that if you choose not to label yourself then someone else will. Just yesterday the media placed labels on Tom Daley, he didn't label himself. Some will tell you he's gay, while others will be telling you he's bisexual, does it really matter? No it doesn't. 

I'm sure some psychologist or sociologist somewhere will say that people feel more secure when they have labels, well I'm going to hold my hands up and say I don't. I hate having labels placed upon me, it makes me feel as though I should conform and fit the mould for that label but it isn't my responsability to do so. I should be able to carry on doing what I want for me and because it makes me happy, not so that I fit a label given to me by society.