Happy New Year


Happy New Year! I hope you have a lovely time bringing it in, I’ll be sat watching Supernatural, with a take away and a G&T or two!

I’m sure you may have noticed that the header has changed and along with it the name of my blog. I’ve been wanting to change the name for a while and was struggling to come up with something that I loved and which was still very much me. I settled on Beth Tinkerbell, it’s the name I use on pretty much all of my social media and is very me!

I’m not going to be making any big promises for 2014, because every year that I make resolutions I fail, so why set myself up for failure? I will be continuing to post YouTube videos, and these will be uploaded on a Tuesday so that we can have #TinkTuesday they won’t be every Tuesday, but you can expect one today (hopefully! I’m writing this on Monday and have yet to start editing it) which is the What I got for Christmas video.

I do want to improve the photos I post on here, so I guess that means getting to know how my camera works so that I can get the best from it. I’m definitely not promising miracles, the likely hood is that I forget I want to improve my skills.

I’m looking forward to meeting more bloggers that I have yet to meet, along with seeing the lovely bloggers who i’ve met in the last 18 months.

Other than that I’m just looking forward to an exciting new year and seeing what it brings for me!

Tink x

What’s in my Stocking?


I thought that I would share with you what I got in my Christmas stocking. It is tradition that me and my sister open them together, this year we were up at 4 opening them! I am like a big kid at Christmas and will wake up in the early hours of the morning with excitement ready to open my stocking.

I will also be sharing some of my favourite presents over on YouTube from both my birthday and Christmas. I’m really nosy and can not wait to see what other people got for Christmas so hopefully you’ll love to see what I’ve got.

On to the stocking!

Santa has been!

All the goodies!

I really enjoyed my stocking this year, usually there’s stuff that I won’t use because it’s something my sister will like and my mum likes us to have matching stockings.

Gem Spa – Purifying Jade Body Butter | Disney – Minnie Mouse Shower Cap | Charles Worthington – Brilliant Shine Shampoo | Morrisons – Luxury Facial Flannel

Academy of Colour – 3D Manicure Pearl Beads | Opia – 3 pack of Hair slides | Disney Happy Days 2014 Diary

I also got quite a bit of chocolate in my stocking!

Do you get a stocking? What did you get in yours?

Tink x

My Sale Picks


I’ve had a quick browse through some of the sales that are available at the moment, and i’m going to share with you some of the products which will most likely be hitting my basket when I go sales shopping!

I think we’ll start with skincare, I’ve got into my skincare during 2013 so a lot of my favourites list features skincare products. However, I am choosing just 3 of my picks to share with you.

Sales Picks

Ole Henriksen – Firm Action Mask | Occo Markocija – Wild Meadow Body Treatment Mask | Lulu’s – Derm Warfare Night Serum

I’ve wanted to try Ole Henriksen for a while, and I think a face mask is probably the best way to go because it’s something I treat myself to and I have a number on rotation so I won’t use it up super quick and need to replace it. The Occo Markocija body mask is something I haven’t really seen, and so I think it would be interesting to try out. I really need to add a serum to my skincare routine, and this one jumped out at me as I was searching through all of the products, and it is supposed to help keep your skin hydrated.

Next we’re moving on to bath time and relaxing! I love having a bath, and I usually use Lush products because I love them, however it’s nice to change things up a little.

Sales Picks1

Aromatherapy Associates – Relax Light Bath and Shower Oil | This Works – Beauty Ball Sleep Balm | Aromatherapy Associates – Essential Bath and Shower Oils

I’ve heard lots of good things about Aromatherapy Associates but I’ve never tried anything from them, I think the Relax oil would be a great one for when you’re wanting to have that me time and just enjoy yourself in the bath. I find it quite difficult to switch off at night, I’m always checking my phone for tweets and the like, I do wonder if the Sleep Balm would work to help me get off to sleep and the only way to find out is to try it! Another product from Aromatherapy Associates this set of 3 oils would be the ideal way to try out some of their oils without committing yourself to a larger bottle, you can see which you like best.

Now we’re onto hair, as you may know at the beginning of October I had my long hair chopped off, I was planning on growing it long again, now that all the split ends and bleached hair had gone, however I love it short and so I’m planning on keeping it that way. I’m still on the hunt for products which will help keep my hair looking ace.

Sales Picks2

Prive – Shining Weightless Amplifier | Tangle Teezer – Compact Styler | Sexy Hair – Big Root Pump Plus Humidity Resistant Spray

The Prive and the Sexy Hair products are both designed to add volume to your hair, something which mine is severely lacking, and I’ve been on the hunt to find something which will give me that oomph and make my hair look fabulous. I’ve never had hair which is particularly knotty but i’ve been admiring the Tangle Teezers for a while now and I think they’ll be much better to use when my hair is wet rather than the hairbrush I have at the moment.

Last but not least I bring to you my makeup picks from the sales so far, as I write this I’ve yet to see what Santa has brought me, but I know what i’ll be hoping to pick up alongside the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette!

Sales Picks3

Urban Decay – Vice 2 Palette | The Balm – Nude ‘Tude Eyeshadow Palette Naughty | Real Techniques – Sam’s Picks Collection

Do I really need more eyeshadow palettes? The answer is no, but I love the look of both of these Vice 2 features a number of bright colours but they are still wearable, I’ve seen Georgina create some wonderful looks on her instagram. Nude ‘Tude is obviously another nude palette but the packaging is just so gorgeous and is all I need to make me want it in my collection. If I’m going to get 2 more eyeshadow palettes then I definitely need some more makeup brushes, Sam’s Picks contains some of my favourite Real Techniques brushes and having extras will just be super handy, and within this collection their is also an exclusive brush, therefore I must have it!

I haven’t shopped around to find these at their cheapest prices, so that’s something you may want to do if you’ve spotted something which you fancy popping in your basket.

What are you planning on picking up in the sales?

Tink x

Name Change.

Just a quick post to let you know that i'll be changing the name of my blog to Beth Tinkerbell, and I will also be buying a co.uk domain to go with the new name.

We will be starting the new year with a new name and domain which I am super excited about!

Tink x

#bbSecretSanta - What I got

I signed up for the #bbsecretsanta and was super excited to find out who I was paired up with. I was paired up with Nadja from Throw Me Something Beautiful.

On Monday I came home to a parcel and couldn't wait to see what was inside it. I got a lovely heart decoration from Next which jingles, I now have it hung on the door to my bookcase.

There was also a Barry M nail varnish in the shade Rose Quartz Glitter, it is perfect for Christmas, and I can't wait to wear it. Next up we have Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil by Collection in the shade Vanilla Sky. I can see this becoming an everyday essential, it'll be perfect for highlighting the inner corner of my eye. I also received a Seventeen eyeshadow in Rose Quartz, I'm looking forward to using this in a makeup look at the weekend.

Last but not least we have the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in the shade Bashful. It's a pale pink which I'll be able to wear on a daily basis.

Thank you so much Nadja, I love everything and I'm looking forward to putting it all together in a makeup look.

Tink x


Labels are that pesky thing created to describe something/someone. Society puts a lot of weight into these labels that are created.

Bloggers are labelled due to the content they post. Some bloggers can spend hours deliberating whether they should post something they've written or if they should talk about something that is important too them, just because it doesn't fit the label they have as a blogger. A beauty blogger might worry about posting something fashion related.

Straight size and plus size are labels that have been created, do we really need to separate clothing like that? People don't deserve to be labelled by their size but it happens constantly. The word fat has had to be reclaimed, and everyone has their own definition as to what fat is. I don't ever think of myself as being fat or plus sized, but if I'm asked to label myself or I'm in a situation where I need to label myself then I'll choose fat, because I'm secure in saying that.

I really dislike the pressure to label yourself, and the way that if you choose not to label yourself then someone else will. Just yesterday the media placed labels on Tom Daley, he didn't label himself. Some will tell you he's gay, while others will be telling you he's bisexual, does it really matter? No it doesn't. 

I'm sure some psychologist or sociologist somewhere will say that people feel more secure when they have labels, well I'm going to hold my hands up and say I don't. I hate having labels placed upon me, it makes me feel as though I should conform and fit the mould for that label but it isn't my responsability to do so. I should be able to carry on doing what I want for me and because it makes me happy, not so that I fit a label given to me by society.

A Letter to my Body Take 2

Hello Body, again!

My mind has decided that in our previous letter we didn't do you justice, and you deserve so much more. You've acted as a shield to protect the ones you love, yet you've broken bones by doing very little. I'm sure you remember the time in Reception when you broke both bones in your left wrist,  I guess it serves you right for running up a hill after you'd been told not too! That break required two trips to theatre so it could be manipulated into mending corrctly. There's also the time you broke your humerus whe you fell off a horse, to be fair you did mange to fall so that our head wouldn't hit a rock. We never thanked you for that did we? Thank you, you do so much for us and we've never realised.

You always carry on when my mind doesn't want you too. Lets be honest if it was up to my mind we would have spent a large portion of today curled up crying! You always have the strength to carry on, even when my mind says no and no longer wants to be here.

My mind is so greatful for all the things that you do, so many things you do without a thank you. My mind never gives you a second glance but you do what you do, well that changes now. My mind needs to look after you more, and give you what you need, even if that means breaking a value it has held tight for over 10 years.

You've put up with so much from my mind, all the times it wanted you to lose weight, but you stood firm and said no this how I'm meant to be. You even have the strength to carry more weight if you need too. My mind hates you for the hirsutism caused by PCOS, but it isn't your fault, you didn't choose the hormone levels.  My mind forgets that the PCOS puts you under a lot of stress,  just like the IBS is beginning to do so. 

My mind wants to say thank you to you.

Tink x

A Letter to my Body

Dear Body,

I really don't have anything to complain about, in almost 22 years you've done a lot for me, even if we've had a few breakages along the way.

If  anything my mind has done the most damage to you, but you always pick yourself back up and carry on. It has spent a lot of time hating you and wanting to make you change,  but you're beginning to harmonise.

You know that being fat isn't a bad thing, and your body looks pretty awesome! You've got a cute little back dimple, and an amazing pair of boobs. You don't need to change yourself for anyone, and someday someone will come along who loves you as much as I fo.

Tink x