The Sound Bath

I was invited to the Lush Spa in Leeds to experience one of their treatments in full. You may remember that in July I went to the Lush Spa to celebrate their 4th birthday and I got to have a taster of 2 treatments and one of those was The Sound Bath. When I was given the chance to have the full Sound Bath treatment I just couldn't say no.

The 4th of November saw me hopping on the train to Leeds. After a stressful morning with my car not starting, and then my train being delayed I made it to Lush and was only about 5 minutes late.

I was introduced to Hannah who was my therapist and she took me down to the Spa, where I was offered a drink while I filled out a consultation form on an Ipad. It was quick and easy to do, so only took a few moments before Hannah could tell me about the treatment. I was talked through what the treatment consisted and shown the ear candles they use and the tuning forks.

You start the treatment with a box which contains a chocolate mushroom and an apple drink, it looks very much like something you would find if you fell down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.

I was then taken through to the treatment room, where I was asked to remove my shoes, and advised to take my jumper off before getting on the bed. When you get on the bed there's a lovely blanket to get under and it does feel like getting into bed!

The Sound Bath starts of with a facial using hot stones, before moving on to a head massage and the ear candles. I loved hearing the candles crackling and it's impossible for any of the candle to get into your ear. Tuning forks are then used, and placed on the body and you can feel the vibrating which I found very relaxing. The treatment ends with another facial using cold stones.

Hannah left me to come round by myself and told me to meet her back in the spa kitchen. When I went through to the Kitchen Hannah made me a homemade lemonade right in front of me. Hannah left me to enjoy my drink and with the visitors book, she also let me know that I was free to use the bathroom. I did make a trip to the bathroom so that I coukd refresh my makeup, and the bathroom had many Lush products in to use. I think it's great that they have a few skincare and makeup products in their bathroom so that you can freshen up, even if you don't take your own makeup.

I really enjoyed my treatment at the Lush Spa. When I came out of the treatment I felt as though i'd had a great nights sleep, and that evening I slept like a baby!

The Sound Bath treatment would cost you £65 for an hour long treatment. I think it would definitely be money well spent, and would also make a perfect gift. I'm thinking i'll purchase my mum a voucher for the Spa as part of her birthday present, and I can't wait to visit again!

Tink x