Tinkerbell Loves… August


Tinkerbell Loves August

I thought I’d share with you some of the things that i’ve been loving through August.

Blog: My favourite blog this month has been Polka Spots and Freckle Dots run by the lovely Louise, her Serendipity Sunday posts are amazing, she finds some many beautiful images, and fab articles!

YouTube: I’ve been a little bit addicted to watching Fleur De Force this last month, I love her videos and have been going back through some of her older videos too!

Beauty Product: I bought this halfway through August when I had an impromptu shopping trip with my sister and that is the Illamasqua Paranormal Palette. I have used it for pretty much every makeup look I have done since I bought it.

Fashion: I love my dress that I bought from Lindy Bop, it’s a little squeeze to get in it, but it is gorgeous, you’ll get to see it on Friday!

Shop: Wilkinsons has been my favourite shop this month, I picked up quite a few bits and pieces for my room and it’s all been really affordable.

TV/Film: I’ve been loving Supernatural, I’m currently on series 3 and i’m trying to hold off finishing it because I don’t have series 4 yet.

Book: I have been reading Department 19 by Will Hill, I discovered the book through Jim Chapman, I was watching one of his favourite videos and he mentioned it and it sounded pretty great! It’s a book about vampires but more of the Dracula kind of vampires rather than Twilight vampires.

Food: My favourite food has to be the Mrs Crimbles cheese crackers, I tend to take them to work for my lunch because they’re just easy to grab in a morning when i’m half asleep.

What have you been loving through August?

Tink x