MUA Gel Eyeliner


A few weeks ago I decided to have my first foray into gel eyeliner after discovering that it was an allergy that irritated my eyes rather than makeup. I didn’t want to spend too much money so I picked up the MUA gel eyeliner, I’ve used many of their products before and they’re great quality for low prices.


I choose the shade Underground which is black, a shade that is wearable and perfect for creating winged eyeliner.


The eyeliner comes with a small brush within the lid which is pretty handy and means you only need to chuck one thing into your bag and you won’t be searching round for a brush once you’re found your eyeliner.


I have to admit straight away that I don’t like this eyeliner, I found that it dried up very quickly which made it very difficult to apply a smooth line. When you use just one stroke it doesn’t look too bad, but who manages to apply their eyeliner that way? I like to take my time and gradually draw a line so that I can attempt to get a neat line.


When you go over your eyeliner a number of time it clumps together and starts falling away which leaves you with a very messy line. Something that you don’t want after you’ve spent time perfecting your eye makeup.


On the bottom I have one straight line of eyeliner, and after completing that line I drew one again above it which shows a clump of eyeliner. At the top of my hand I have a line that I went over a couple of times and you can see that it has clumped together and will fall off if you rub it.

I found this eyeliner to be very disappointing, I was expecting something of a much better quality coming from MUA. I’ve never had any problems with their makeup before, and at £3 I don’t mind that it hasn’t worked for me. I’m sure most people would say that at such bargain prices you can’t expect good quality however I feel a little let down because I have used many of their products before and the quality has been great.

Have you tried the MUA gel eyeliner? Which gel eyeliner would you recommend?

Tink x