Lush Leeds Spa 4th Birthday - Evening


I’ll just warn you now that there will be lots of photos within this post, I got a little snap happy throughout the evening, which is always fun!

So as you all know I spent part of my day with Lush, but I was also invited to come back in the evening for their Hollywood Glamour themed birthday party.

This reminded me of Beauty and the Beast

We were greeted with a drink and later on in the evening we had cake!

During the evening we were talked through all of the treatments available at the spa, on the shop floor we were able to look at the products used, and talked through the treatment, while down in the spa we could watch two of the treatments being delivered.

Validation Facial

This is one of the two treatments I received a taster of during the day, your facial is tailored to your needs, and you are able to have an input into which products are used depending on how you want you and your skin to feel.

I would happily pay to have the complete facial treatment, though I’ll have to get saving the pennies!

The display of some products used in the Validation Facial




The Spell

The Spell is a foot massage, where they will give your feet a lovely little pamper, they use a foot mask, and a foot scrub. If you find that you have ticklish feet there’s no need to worry as your therapist will use a firmer hand on your feet to push through that layer of ticklishness!

I have a couple of the products use within The Spell, and so I’m tempted to ask my mum to give me a little reflexology treatment with them until I can afford to go and experience The Spell.

The products used within The Spell, and the quote that is paired with the treatment.


Nina who spoke to us about The Spell




Synaesthesia is the first treatment that was available at Lush Leeds Spa, to begin the treatment you are asked to choose a word from the wall as you enter the spa. Your massage will be tailored around the word that you choose, in the store the word chosen was peace which meant that the peace massage bar would be used within the treatment, and after the treatment you would be given a cup of peace tea.





The Comforter

The Comforter is a glamorous but fun treatment which uses a hot chocolate scrub, the room will be full of feminine scents such as rose, and the room is filled with magical stars and bubbles. After your treatment you will be given a rose candyfloss drink and a piece of chocolate tiffin.

I think this will be the first treatment that I try in the spa! It appeals to my girlie nature, and I can’t resist anything pink or chocolate, and this combines them both!


After we were told about the treatments and products on the shop floor we were then invited into the spa to see the last two treatments in action. I didn’t take any photos of the treatments that we saw.

The Lush Sound Bath

The first treatment we were taken in to see was the Lush Sound Bath, a treatment that I had tasted earlier in the day. I find this treatment to be very different to the others because of the use of the tuning forks, I was told that the use of these forks is equivalent to one hour of meditation, which is something I never do. The treatment involves a facial, and the use of ear candles which we saw in use and they don’t burn down to being anywhere near your ear, so there’s nothing to worry about!

You will begin your treatment with a chocolate mushroom, and a quick drink, after your treatment you will be given a freshly made lemon drink.

The Good Hour

The second treatment we saw was The Good Hour which is a deep tissue massage, which will ensure that your muscles feel much looser and relaxed once the massage is completed. You should come out of the treatment feeling that your body isn’t as tense, many people have muscle aches whether from bad posture or sports training, and this massage will help to release the tensions and give you chance to fully relax.

Once your massage is over you will be invited to sit at the table in the kitchen and enjoy a cup of tea with a biscuit.

The spa kitchen table

The Good Hour tea.

Fresh Lemon drink for after the Lush Sound Bath

The Lush Sound Bath mushroom and drink


After our trip down to the spa we went back up into the store and were invited to have a look around, talk to the staff and have Emotional Brilliance readings. I decided to have a second reading to see if it would differ from the one I had had earlier in the day, it did differ slightly however it was very similar.



I chose Motivation, Healthy, and Ambition

Bath Products

Shower jelly, and shower scrubs


More bath products.

Lush soaps

Lush facemasks

Love Lettuce facemask

We also had some group photos taken, which I’m sure will make their way to some blogs as they were taken on bloggers cameras. We also signed a giant birthday card for Lush and so if you were in Leeds over the weekend you may have seen it in store.

I just want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lush and thank you for inviting me along, I had a lovely time!

Tink x