Lush Leeds Spa 4th Birthday – Day


A couple of months ago I was invited to Lush Leeds Spa to help them celebrate their 4th birthday, and after only really discovering Lush at the Sheffield Meet Up I jumped at the chance to learn more about Lush and to discover the spa. We were invited to spend some time with them during the day to experience tasters of some of their spa treatments, and they were then hosting a birthday party in the evening.

The event took place on Thursday 25th July, I had booked myself in for the 1.30 time slot so that I could also spend some time shopping during the afternoon. However, on the morning I had a slight fear that I wasn’t going to make it on time, I was struggling to find myself a train station which had parking spaces! I ended up driving to Saltaire, where I only just got a parking space. I did think that I may have to drive all the way to Leeds, and without a sat nav it would not have been fun. I did manage to make to on time though.

I actually arrived at Lush early where I was greeted by Flo and told that they were still setting up the spa, so while I was waiting I was introduced to Zara who introduced to me to Rub Rub Rub and gave my hand and arm a little pamper with it. My skin was left feeling lovely and smooth!

2013-07-25 14.12.55
2013-07-25 14.13.01

I was then introduced to Jo and taken down to the spa, when I walked into the spa it was like nothing I expected, you walk into a country kitchen. I was seated at the table and told about the two taster treatments I was having and the products used, I had a taster of the Validation Facial and the Sound Bath. The treatments were very relaxing and I felt as though I could quite easily nod off! I imagine if I was to have a full treatment then I probably would, I was told that some people do fall asleep, so at least I wouldn’t be the first!

2013-07-25 14.12.46

After my treatments I was taken back out to the kitchen where I was given a lovely candyfloss and rose water drink, and a slice of chocolate tiffin. I was told to take as much time as I needed to come back round to reality before being taken back up to the store.

When I went back up to the store I felt as though I was floating on air, and I was definitely still away with the fairies.

I definitely want to go back for a full treatment, but I don’t know which one I would choose.

Before I set off to the event I knew that I wanted to spend some time in the store discovering more about Lush and the products they have. To begin with Charlotte gave me an emotional brilliance reading where I picked Ambition, Control, and Healthy, I found the reading to be very interesting and true as well.  I talked to Charlotte about how my skincare routine currently involved the Ultrabland Cleanser and Tea Tree Water, but that I was on the hunt for a moisturiser to help my oil skin. I mentioned that I’d tried Vanishing Cream but didn’t find it quite right for me so she suggested that I tried Enzymion, which helps to keep the face matte throughout the day for wearing makeup. I was then introduced to the Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser, it is a dry cleanser which needs mixing with water first, Charlotte tested it on my hand and arm, and it’s gently exfoliating, and my skin was left feeling nice and soft. I was also shown the Love Lettuce facemask which again gently exfoliates and smells really nice.

While I was talking to Charlotte I told her that I’d only really used the couple of skincare products from Lush but that I was interested in the hair care products and the bath products that they are well known for. I told Charlotte that my hair is generally quite oily and so anything that would help with that would be great. She told me about the I Love Juicy shampoo which is packed full of fruit juices and smells amazing, it honestly smells good enough to drink! I was also told about the American Cream conditioner, that is thick and nourishing but washes out as though it was a thinner conditioner, that sounds pretty perfect doesn’t it, a conditioner that you don’t need to spend ages washing out. And to round off the hair care I was shown the Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease hair treatment, now this doesn’t smell as amazing as the shampoo or conditioner but it is supposed to strengthen hair and has red henna infusion so for people like me not only is it great if you colour your hair, but especially if you colour it red!

I had a look at plenty of the bath products including, Sex Bomb, Twilight, Dreamtime, You’ve Been Mangoed, Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, Rose Jam, The Comforter, Yuzu and Cacoa. All of the products smelt amazing, and would make bath time a little more special.

I did make some purchases while in Lush but i’ll keep those for another post, which Lush products are your favourites?

Tink x