30 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 3

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Things that make you uncomfortable
Gosh, they don’t like to make things easy for you do they in this challenge? I’m really having to think to write these posts, you can tell it’s not something I do after!
I’m going for things that annoy me and make me uncomfortable. I’ll probably have more to say that way.
- People who don’t say ‘pardon me’ or ‘excuse me’ after burping. It is absolutely revolting and is made much worse when people act as though they haven’t done anything wrong.
- People without manners, those who don’t say please or thank you!
- When people don’t use capital letters correctly.
- People who get angry with me on the phone for a mistake that they have made.
- People who send applications in without a course on.
- When my debit card gets declined, even though I have money in my account!
One thing that is currently making me feel uncomfortable, but which also excites me is organising a Young People’s Church for people who are only 5 years younger than me. I don’t feel as though I know enough to be able to teach them. I’m worried that I might end up being segregated from them as a leader rather than an equal, I am one of them, I also have plenty to learn. However the fact that my church is at the point where we are needing to put something like this in place really excites me!

Tink x

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