30 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 1


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The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph... no one will be counting your words... probably)

It was Christmas Day 1991 when little Beth made her way into the world, being the first baby born at the hospital even though it was 17:16! Beth spent the first 4 years of her life living with just her mum and dad before a baby sister came along in January 1996, not long after her sister was born Beth broke her arm for the first time! Beth told her teachers and mum that she was standing still and just fell but that was a lie…Beth had been running up a small hill and rolling down it even after the teachers had told her not too, she was running up that hill when she fell. This time Beth broke both the bones in her left wrist, and had to go into theatre twice throughout the healing process so that they could be broken again and reset because they weren’t healing straight. Beth grew up with a love of horses but when she was 10 she was thrown of a pony which caused her to break her arm for a second time, this time she broke her humorous bone, but it was not funny! Beth enjoyed being at school though because a teacher had to write all of her work for her!

In 2003 Beth started high school where she reconnected with a friend from toddler group, and met 2 other girls who are still her besties to this day! During her years at high school Beth gained a half brother who shares the same birthday, 14 years later! She also managed to break her arm for a third time! Beth decided to attempt skateboarding, and while the board and her foot went one way the rest of her decided to stay still, so she went splat! This time she broke her elbow, but it wasn’t as fun this time because school made her write with her left hand! In 2008 she left school with 11 GCSE’s, not that she has put many of them to use since then!

In 2008 Beth also started college, where she met another one of her besties. She spent 18 months studying AS levels before deciding college wasn’t best for her and left to start selling suitcases! Selling suitcases was great fun but after a year Beth decided she needed to move on to something that would give her a better chance at a career and she moved into content writing for an internet marketing company. During her time at this internet marketing she decided to take up blogging as a serious hobby rather than just an online diary and so she created Tinkerbell and the Lost Girls! Since creating Tinkerbell and the Lost Girls she has made a number of lovely new blogging friends, and has had a career change working in Central Admissions and Student Services at a local college.


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