As some of you may know, yesterday I headed to Meadowhall for the #SheffieldMeetUp which was hosted by Rachel, Caroline, and Charlotte.


I met Stacey when I arrived at Meadowhall and we went straight to Handmade Burger Co where we were greeted by Rachel. We were sat at a table with Claire and due to some people not being able to make it the 3 of us had a table to ourselves.


Handmade Burger Co were kind enough to provide us all with a free lunch! I was really impressed with their range of veggie burgers, I often find that places only have 2 or 3 options but they had 6 different burgers. I went for the onion bahji burger because you can’t beat a good onion bahji, our lunch also included a free side, I had the chips, and our drinks were refillable!

How good does my burger look?

After we had lunch there was a raffle and we all won prizes on our table. I won the prize that had been donated by Batiste, which had both me and Stacey in fits of giggles! Due to being one of the only people with red hair, Rachel gave me some extra cans of Batiste, and so when the Batiste prize was picked up Stacey commented saying ‘here comes your prize’ and then Rachel only went and announced my name!


I had a little mingle and went to have chat with Michelle, Yuna, Lora, and Sade. It was lovely to chat with them and I wish there had been a little more time to natter, but maybe next time!

We also had a trip to Lush which had been organised as part of the meet. We were shown round by Lisa (? I’m hopeless at remembering names!) who introduced us to the new FUN range, which is great to play with because it can be moulded, and one of the main benefits is that it’s one product which can be used to create bubble bath, used as a body wash, and also used as a shampoo! It comes in 5 bright colours, and i’m already thinking it’ll be a great birthday or Christmas gift for my cousins.

We were also shown the Emotional Brilliance Make Up range and Caroline volunteered to use the colour wheel. I think it’s quite a novel way to go about choosing your make up colours, and it’s based on how you are feeling. Each of the colours represent a feeling or something you need. Caroline picked out calm, passionate, and glamorous, three very bright colours and i’m sure ones that many of us might not immediately go for.

We were also shown some colour essentials, which I volunteered my hand for. We were shown Charisma which is a skin tint and bronze in colour, when blended into the skin it gives it a nice warm colour, if I had a little more colour I would be tempted to purchase it. Feeling Younger is a highlighter which blends nicely and feels quite lovely on the skin, Emotional Brilliance face powder is also very lovely, it’s a translucent powder and when used to set Charisma and Feeling Younger it looks great and feels nice and light.

I was very interested to hear about Eyes Right which is their mascara, and is made of all natural ingredients besides one preservative and so it is ideal for those with sensitive eyes. I never wear mascara or eyeliner because it irritates my eyes and so this was a product that I really wanted to try.


We got shown some of the ingredients Lush uses in their raw form, these ingredients included cocoa butter, argon oil, almond oil, glycerine, and Irish moss. Lush also gave us all our own goody bag.

I had such a lovely day yesterday and I want to say a big thank you to Rachel, Caroline, and Charlotte for organising the meet up, it was the first one i’d ever been too, but i’ll definitely be going to more that are on in my area!

I will be doing another post featuring the goody bags, and my raffle prize.

Tink x