I’ve been sharing my journey on trying to control my PCOS after many years of pretending that it wasn’t there. The first step on this journey was losing some weight which can be found here and here.

Well today i’m going to tell you about the next step. Many people with PCOS have hirsutism of the growth of excessive hair on the face. I have had ‘sideburns’ for many years and have taken to wearing my hair down so that they’re covered. I used to trim with scissors, I didn’t want to shave because they’d probably look much worse, and waxing at home didn’t work very well.

Right side                                        Left side

When I went to see my doctor I mentioned it to her and she referred me to the dermatologist who I saw the other week. He said that my ‘sideburns’ are perfect for electrolysis or laser hair removal but it’s something I would have to pay for myself. However what he did do is prescribe me VANIQA which is an eflornithine cream. I was told to apply the cream twice a day and it will gradually reduce the amount of hair.

The Packaging

Contents of the box

The tube and cream

I noticed when using it for the first time that a little goes a long way, and so this should last me a good while yet!

I was told that within 4 months of using it I should see a difference, and if I don’t then it’s not working for me. I though I might do a monthly update so that you can see if it’s working, and whether it’s worth trying for you.

Tink x