How To Be A Fat Bitch E-Course: Assignment and Discussion #5




‘Be vain and take a photo of yourself. Take a million of photos of yourself! Even if you don't post them, see what it feels like to be your own apple of your eye. Say, look at me! I am a fat bitch AND hot! Blog it, Instagram it, Tweet it (#fatbitchecourse, #nearsightedowl), etc. and share it in the comments below.’

I’d say I’m pretty vain, I love my face and my boobs!

This last one is my favourite from this collection of photos!


‘I prefer sincere compliments over too many compliments, probably because duh, I am vain and I am hearing what I already know. What about you? Can you take a compliment? Or do you catch yourself saying the obligatory self-deprecating response?’

I love receiving compliments, in a way it shows you’re doing something right, especially if you love how you look and someone else is saying they like it too. Surely the one thing we are all after is acceptance, and no matter how much we accept ourselves we also want the outside world to accept us too.

I always smile and say thank you when I receive a compliment, it makes me happy to get one and naturally brings a smile to my face. If people are saying that I look good then i’m all over that! I find it a lot harder to reply to comments when they are on the blog, and that’s because there are only so many times you can say thanks with a smile before it becomes as though that is your only response. I love it when people mention other things along with ‘you look great!’ because it allows me to add something a little extra to the reply I give them. I might say thanks with a smile but I can also add something else to it so that I don’t look insincere with my reply.

Tink x